CESSnA Information - Cadet Staff Selection Activity


CESSnA is an acronym for Cadet Encampment Staff Selection Activity. Cadets who have completed a student encampment are eligible to apply for a cadet staff position at the 2017 Colorado Wing Encampment. CESSnA will be on Saturday, 1 April 2017 at the South Metro Fire Rescue facility at 9195 East Mineral Avenue, Centennial, CO 80112. This will be an all-day activity. We understand that some interested cadets may not be able to attend CESSnA on that date. For those cadets, an alternate application process will be available. However, attendance at the activity will greatly increase your chance of selection to encampment cadet staff.

VERY IMPORTANT – Planning skills and the ability to meet deadlines are very important attributes for cadet staff members at Colorado Wing Encampment. Each cadet staff applicant will be evaluated on their ability to complete the online CESSnA Registration, submit pre-CESSnA document submission before the deadline, arrive at CESSnA with all required training completed, and to submit the encampment application and deposit check when checking in at CESSnA. Any applicant failing to complete all requirements before published deadlines will not participate in CESSnA.

SUPPORT STAFF POSITIONS - NEW POLICY FOR 2017 - The job duties for cadets who desire to serve in support staff (called Force Support) are changing for 2017. Support areas are Logistics, Public Affairs, Health Services, and Administration. At previous encampments, each support staff cadet served in only one of these areas. For 2017, cadets desiring support staff positions may apply for their desired primary duty position; however, if selected for that position, they will have additional duties in the other support areas. Support staff cadets will no longer work exclusively in only one support area.


The following training must be completed and  documented in CAP eServices before Saturday, 1 April 2017:

  • CAP Introductory Communication User Training (ICUT) Accomplish training in eServices. The amount of online training necessary depends on whether or not you have previously completed the BCUT and ACUT courses. In addition, completion of ICUT requires a hands-on evaluation – discuss completion of this requirement with your squadron commander. Do not wait until the last minute to begin this training - You must make arrangements with an approved evaluator)
  • CAP Basic Risk Management Training (complete in eServices)
  • CAP Intermediate Risk Management Training (complete in eServices)


All CESSnA applicants must submit the following documents, as Email attachments, to C/LtCol Victoria Schmidt, Cadet Commander. Submit the required documents no later than Monday, 27 March 2017 at 2300 local time.

C/Lt Col Schmidt’s Email address is p413strong@gmail.com

  • A cover letter that includes a brief resume of the applicant’s CAP experience, the applicant’s duties at their home squadron, the primary encampment staff position that the applicant is applying for, and a brief statement explaining why the applicant is qualified for the position. If possible, limit this document to one page.
  • A letter of recommendation from the applicant’s squadron commander.

Additional submission requirement for Health Services applicants.

  • To interview for and/or serve as an encampment Health Services cadet, applicants must have current certifications in Basic life Support (BLS) and First Aid.
  • Submit proof of certifications via Email when submitting your cover letter and letter of recommendation, no later than Monday, 27 March 2017 at 2300 local time. If selected for a Health Services position, applicant must maintain certification currency through the end of encampment.
  • If you plan to apply for the Health Services Force Support position, and do not already have the required certifications, begin immediately to obtain the necessary qualifications or you will not be eligible to apply for these positions.


  • Each applicant will be required to bring a completed, signed, encampment cadet staff application packet to CESSnA. 


    Click HERE
    to Access the Cadet Staff Application Packet
  • Each applicant must bring a deposit check or money order for the encampment fee deposit for $80.00 to CESSnA. The applicant’s CAPID number must be on the memo line of the check.
  • Applicants who fail to bring the completed application and/or deposit to CESSnA will not participate in the activity and will not serve on cadet staff.
  • Encampment Finance will not cash deposit checks of applicants if unless applicant is selected for a cadet staff position.
EACH APPLICANT MUST APPLY FOR THREE (3) DIFFERENT STAFF POSITIONS VERY IMPORTANT. Each applicant must apply for a desired primary duty along with a second and third choice of duty positions in which he or she is willing to serve. As part of living up to the Core Value of Volunteer Service, each applicant should put the needs of the encampment ahead of their personal desires and be willing to accept another position if they are not selected for their desired choice. If an applicant applies for only one position, and is not selected for that position, they will not be offered another position. Do not miss the opportunity to serve on cadet staff because of a failure to indicate a second or third duty position preference.


Available Cadet Staff Positions and Available Slots

Pre-requisite Requirements: Applicants must meet the pre-requisites for a position at the time of CESSnA – Saturday, 1 April 2017. Note restrictions for some positions.

Group First Sergeant (1)

Must be at least a C/SMSgt when applying and promote to C/CMSgt before encampment

Squadron First Sergeant (3)

Must be at least a C/SMSgt when applying. Promotion to C/CMSgt desired before encampment, but not required. Must NOT complete Mitchell Milestone before encampment

Flight Commander (9)

Must be Cadet Officer or a C/CMSgt with Neil Armstrong Achievement completed and must complete Mitchell Milestone no later than 15 May 2017

Flight Sergeant (9)

Wright Brothers Milestone completed. Must NOT complete Mitchell Milestone before encampment.

Logistics OIC/NCOIC (1)

Public Affairs OIC/NCOIC (1)

See NOTE 1

Cadet Officer desired. However, highly qualified NCO may be selected.

Logistics Staff (2)

Cadet NCO preferred. Lower grade may be considered.

Public Affairs Staff (3)

Cadet NCO preferred. A highly qualified Airman may be considered. Some experience with video camera and still camera preferred. Some video and/or photo editing preferred

Health Services OIC/NCOIC (1) See NOTE 1

Cadet Officer preferred. A highly qualified NCO may be selected. Minimum age 15. Must have Basic Life Support (BLS) and First Aid certifications to apply.

Health Services Staff (2) See NOTE 3

Cadet NCO preferred. Minimum age 15. Must have Basic Life Support and First Aid certifications to apply.

Admin OIC/NCOIC (1) See NOTES 1, and 2

Cadet Officer or NCO

Admin Staff (1) See NOTE 2

Cadet NCO


NOTE 1 - Support Staff OICs and NCOICs positions will be working positions in addition to supervisory positions.

NOTE 2 – The Admin OIC/NCOIC cadet or the Admin Staff cadet must live in the Denver area and have a current access card to Buckley AFB. They must agree to assist the Encampment Senior Admin Officer with encampment application processing at Buckley AFB on some Saturdays in April and May. It may be necessary for the cadet’s parent to accompany them and remain at Buckley AFB to comply with CAP’s Cadet Protection requirements. These requirements may prevent some applicants from applying for the positions. This restriction is necessary due to the specific pre-encampment job responsibilities. 


In addition to CESSnA Registration, document submission prior to CESSnA, and Encampment Cadet Staff Application and $80.00 deposit check submission at CESSnA, applicants should study and be prepared to demonstrate knowledge of the following:

  • CAP Regulation 52-16, Cadet Program Management, Chapter 9 - Encampments
  • CAP Manual 39-1, Civil Air Patrol Uniform Manual, Chapter 2 - USAF-Style Uniforms
  • AFMAN 36-2203, Drill and Ceremonies, or CAP Pamphlet 60-20, CAP Drill and Ceremonies
  • Drill Standardization Document available on COWG Encampment website Cadet Staff webpage.
  • SIX STEP METHOD FOR TEACHING DRILL – Each cadet staff applicant will be evaluated on their knowledge of and their ability to teach drill using the Six Step Method found in CAP Pamphlet 60-20, CAP Drill and Ceremonies, paragraph 1.6.2 and available on the encampment website cadet staff page.
  • All applicants are required to register for CESSnA at the following link: 

    BE PATIENT – The CESSnA Registration Form is VERY slow to open. It may take some time for the form to appear after you click the link.


    DO NOT register using a mobile device, as the form is not supported. I have tested and recommend using the Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox internet browsers to complete the registration form; I DO NOT RECOMMEND using Google Chrome as the form did not complete successfully when tested. Registration will close at 2300 hours on Monday, 27 March 2017. We will accept no further registrations after that deadline unregistered Cadets will not participate.

    DO NOT PROCRASTINATE - Encampment WILL NOT extend deadlines. Demonstrate your planning skills and initiative in order to complete the requirements early!

    If you have questions or concerns, address them to C/Lt Col Victoria Schmidt, Cadet Commander, via Email, IMMEDIATELY so that information may be exchanged while there is still time to meet deadlines. For additional information, refer to the Cadet Encampment pages on the Colorado Wing website.

    NOTE: If you are definitely unable to attend CESSnA in person, notify C/Lt Col Victoria Schmidt, Cadet Commander immediately. C/Lt Col Schmidt’s Email address is p413strong@gmail.com

    C/Lt Col Schmidt will provide you with alternate evaluation procedures, which may include submitting your photographs in ABU or BDU uniforms, recording a video of yourself conducting drill,  a video of you teaching a drill maneuver using the six-step method of drill instruction, and scheduling an interview.  You are still required to register and submit all of the same required documents and must complete the same required training as those attending CESSnA. You must also submit the completed and signed application documents along with a check for $80.00, when requested, if you are selected for cadet staff. You must also meet all published deadlines.

    2017 "EAGLE" Encampment Cadet Staff List


    Victoria Schmidt
        Safety Officer
        Curriculum & Plans Officer

        Stan/Eval OIC
     Chad           Lewis
          Stan/Eval Officer
          Stan/Eval Officer
          Stan/Eval Officer  
        Group First Sergeant

      Deputy Commander
        Squadron 1 Commander
          Squadron 1 First Sergeant

          A Flight Commander

            A Flight Sergeant

          B Flight Commander  

            B Flight Sergeant

          C Flight Commander

            C Flight Sergeant

        Squadron 2 Commander
    Sydnie Harris
          Squadron 2 First Sergeant

          D Flight Commander

            D Flight Sergeant

          E Flight Commander

            E Flight Sergeant

          F Flight Commander

            F Flight Sergeant

        Squadron 3 Commander

    Nicholas Timpe
          Squadron 3 First Sergeant

          G Flight Commander

            G Flight Sergeant

          H Flight Commander

            H Flight Sergeant
          I Flight Commander

            I Flight Sergeant

      Executive Officer 
    Anthony Zuniga
        Admin OIC
          Admin Staff
        Logistics OIC

          Logistics Staff
          Logistics Staff

          Logistics Staff

        Public Affairs OIC

          Public Affairs Staff

          Public Affairs Staff
          Public Affairs Staff

        Health Services OIC
          Health Services Staff
          Health Services Staff
          Health Services Staff
          Health Services Staff