CAP Colorado Wing Encampment

2017 Colorado Wing Cadet Encampment

The 2017 Colorado Wing Encampment is in the early planning stages. Return to this page for additional information as it becomes available.

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CESSnA Cadet Staff Selection Activity

The CESSnA Cadet Staff Selection Activity is scheduled for Saturday, 1 April 2017 at the South Metro Fire District facility at 9195 East Mineral Avenue, Centennial CO 801012.

This is a ONE DAY ONLY activity!

Look for Email Announcements with more details about registering and participating in the CESSnA activity.

Student Cadet Application Process

The application process for student cadets (first time attendees) will begin in the first quarter of 2017.

Encampment Pre-Registration

2017 Encampment Pre-Registration for Student Cadets (first time attendees) will be available in early 2017. This Pre-Registration IS NOT the encampment application. The encampment application will be available late in the first quarter of 2017. Look for E-Mail announcements when the application is available.

The purpose of the Pre-Registration is to collect contact information and determine the number of potential student cadet participants.  This information will allow encampment staff to develop a mailing list of cadets interested in attending encampment and their parents. 

Once again, this Pre-Registration is for first time attendees only. If you are not certain if you will attending, submit this Pre-Registration anyway. There is a place in the Pre-Registration to indicate that you are not sure that you will attend.

General Encampment Information

2017 Encampment Dates:

Staff Arrival - 6 June 2017
Student Cadet Arrival - 10 June 2017
Graduation - 17 June 2017
Student Cadet Encampment Fee - To Be Determined

Cadet Staff Encampment Fee - To Be Determined

Encampment Arrival and Departure Instructions

 Not available at this time.


For more information about medications and the encampment medical/illness policy, see the policy letters on these subjects on the Current Policy Letters Page.

Encampment Commander

Encampment Commander: Lt. Col. Buddy McCormick

EMail Lt. Col McCormick

Encampment Policy Letters
Click HERE to view policy letters
Arrival Documents and Information

This box contains important documents for encampment preparation, the packing list, and arrival information. Check back often for updates and additions to these documents.

Encampment Weight/Grooming Standards Policy

Photo Maps to Encampment Location 

Student Cadet Arrival/Departure Instructions - Not Yet Available

Cadet Staff Arrival/Departure Instructions - Not Yet Available

What's in the Documents Above?

Why are the documents in the box above so important?

AFMAN 36-2203 Drill & Ceremonies is the US Air Force Drill "Bible". Everything you ever wanted to know about drill is in the manual. If you want to become a real expert, this is where you need to look! BE PATIENT - This is a large file and will be a slow download.

Learn-to-Lead Cadet Drill Guide is the very, very abbreviated CAP version of the Air Force Drill & Ceremonies Manual. This is probably all you will need to study prior to encampment.

Preparing for Encamment - Parents Guide is a lot of useful information for parents about encampment. This is "must read" for parents of a Basic Cadet (first time attendee) that is going to encampment.

Student Cadet Guide - Preparing for Encampment is a great document to help the cadet, who is a first time attendee, to prepare for encampment.

CAP Manual 39-1 CAP Uniform Manual is the complete reference to wearing the CAP uniforms. Everything that you will ever need to know about CAP uniforms is in this manual - if you can find it!

Grooming and Appearance in Uniform is information that is taken from CAPM 39-1 and provides a "one-stop-shopping" source that provides a cadet (and parents) with all of that important information about what kind of jewelry you can and cannot wear with the uniform, CAP's policy toward "body piercing", male and female grooming standards for haircuts, hairstyles, (don't show up with green hair) and makeup, etc. This is an important document. It should be reviewed by cadet applicants and parents, before encampment.

Encampment Grooming Standards Policy is the 2015 Encampment policy regarding personal grooming standards (such as haircuts and hairstyles).

CAP Pamphlet 151 - Respect on Display is the source for learning about CAP/Military Customs and Courtesies. This is a "must read"  for new cadets. This is your source for learning who to salute, when to salute, how to salute, and other important military traditions, customs, and courtesies. Be sure to study this before encampment.   

Encampment Mailing/E-Mail Addresses

Colorado Wing CAP Encampment
19210 East Breckenridge Avenue, Stop 33
Buckley Air Force Base, CO 80011-9525