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2015 Colorado Wing Cadet Encampment

The "Blackbird" Encampment

The Cadet Commander for the 2015 Colorado Wing Encampment has chosen the Lockheed SR-71 "Blackbird" as the name for the 2015 Encampment. The SR-71 was developed as a "black" project by the Lockheed "Skunk Works" and entered service in 1966. Developed as a long-range, high altitude strategic reconnaissance aircraft, the SR-71 was capable of Mach 3.2+ at an altitude of 85,000. In the late 1960's, some SR-71 aircraft were based at Kadena Air Base in Okinawa. The local people thought that the strange, somewhat wicked looking airplane looked like the local Habu snake. They started calling the SR-71s the Habu airplane. The name came to be recognized with the blackbird program and was even incorporated into the insignia worn by SR-71 crewmembers.    


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UPDATED - 23 April  2015 - Student Cadet Applications Packets are now available in the box below!

UPDATED - 15 Oct 2014 - C/Capt Nicholas Essek of Mustang Cadet Squadron (CO-148) has been selected as the Cadet Commander for the 2015 COWG Cadet Encampment

UPDATED - 16 July 2014

Confirmed dates  for the 2015 Colorado Wing Cadet Encampment are:

Staff Arrival and Training - Tuesday, 09 June through Friday, 12 June 2015. (times to be announced)

Student Cadet Arrival - Saturday, 13 June 2015. (times to be announced)

Graduation - Saturday, 20 June 2015. (times to be announced)

Student Cadet Fee for Encampment - $200.00

When details are finalized, an email announcement will be sent to wing email subscribers and this site will be updated.


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23 April 2015 - The 2015 Application Packet for Student Cadets (first time encampment attendees) is now available by clicking on the link below. This link SHOULD NOT be used by cadet staff or senior staff members. The application packet includes detailed instructions and should be completed on your computer, saved, printed and mailed to the Encampment Admin Office as described in the packet instructions.  Due to some problems in completing the application form with some web browsers, we recommend that you use Internet Explorer to access the form.

Click HERE to Access the Student Cadet Application Packet

Application Packets for cadet staff and senior will be available later.


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All information about medications and pre-existing medical conditions must be disclosed during the application process. After applications are submitted, any changes to medical conditions that might restrict a cadet’s full participation during encampment must be communicated to encampment staff, in advance, to determine if any special accommodations can be made. Some illnesses or medical conditions may be disqualifying. If a cadet is found to have an unreported or undisclosed medical condition during the check-in process, and that condition restricts participation, the cadet may be dismissed from encampment without a refund.

In accordance with CAP regulations, the taking of prescription medication is the responsibility of the individual member for whom the medication was prescribed or, if the member is a minor, the member’s parent or guardian. Except in extraordinary circumstances, CAP members, regardless of age, will be responsible for transporting, storing, and taking their own medications, including inhalers and epinephrine pens.

CAP is not a health care provider, and CAP members are not permitted to act in the role of health care providers during the performance of official CAP duties. Consequently, CAP members are not permitted to function as pharmacists, physicians, nurses, or in any other role that would permit the administration and dispensing of drugs under various federal and state laws and regulations.

If a cadet has not attained the necessary level of maturity or is unable to safely self-medicate, you should consider postponing encampment attendance until the cadet can handle the self-medication task.

By CAP Regulations, medical care within CAP is limited to emergency care, only (i.e., first aid and stabilization) within the training and qualifications of the person rendering such care, until such time that private professional or authorized military care can be obtained.

Encampment health service staff’s level of training is often limited to basic First Aid and CPR. Encampment staff will only treat minor cuts, scrapes, blisters, bruises, and mild cases of dehydration to the limits of their training. This is similar to medical care that might be conducted in the home.

Medical emergencies will be handled by 911 calls and, if necessary, transport to appropriate medical facilities. In these situations, parents/guardians will be contacted as soon as possible using the emergency contact information that is submitted during the application process.

In cases where an injury or illness is not an emergency but encampment staff decides that the cadet should be seen by a physician as a precaution, encampment staff will contact parents/guardians as soon as possible and advise them of the situation and discuss options. Options will include transport to an Emergency Room by CAP personnel or pick-up by parents and subsequent treatment. Depending on the nature and severity of an illness/injury, dismissal from encampment is possible.



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This box contains important documents for encampment preparation, the packing list, and arrival information. Check back often for updates and additions to these documents.

Encampment Weight/Grooming Standards Policy 2015 

Photo Maps to Encampment Location 

Student Cadet Arrival/Departure Instructions - Under Development 


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Why are the documents in the box above so important?
AFMAN 36-2203 Drill & Ceremonies is the US Air Force Drill "Bible". Everything you ever wanted to know about drill is in the manual. If you want to become a real expert, this is where you need to look! BE PATIENT - This is a large file and will be a slow download.
Learn-to-Lead Cadet Drill Guide is the very, very abbreviated CAP version of the Air Force Drill & Ceremonies Manual. This is probably all you will need to study prior to encampment.
Preparing for Encamment - Parents Guide is a lot of useful information for parents about encampment. This is "must read" for parents of a Basic Cadet (first time attendee) that is going to encampment.
Student Cadet Guide - Preparing for Encampment is a great document to help the cadet, who is a first time attendee, to prepare for encampment.
CAP Manual 39-1 CAP Uniform Manual is the complete reference to wearing the CAP uniforms. Everything that you will ever need to know about CAP uniforms is in this manual - if you can find it!
Dress and Appearance in Uniform is information that is taken from CAPM 39-1 and provides a "one-stop-shopping" source that provides a cadet (and parents) with all of that important information about what kind of jewelry you can and cannot wear with the uniform, CAP's policy toward "body piercing", male and female grooming standards for haircuts, hairstyles, (don't show up with green hair) and makeup, etc. This is an important document. It should be reviewed by cadet applicants and parents, before encampment.
Encampment Grooming Standards Policy is the 2014 Encampment policy regarding personal grooming standards.
CAP Pamphlet 151 - Respect on Display is the source for learning about CAP/Military Customs and Courtesies. This is a "must read"  for new cadets. This is your source for learning who to salute, when to salute, how to salute, and other important military traditions, customs, and courtesies. Be sure to study this before encampment. 


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Colorado Wing CAP Encampment
19210 East Breckenridge Avenue, Stop 33
Buckley Air Force Base, CO 80011-9525

Encampment E-Mail Address:


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