Instructions to Cadets

O'Flight Signup

Cadets, please be precise as to when you are available for an Orientation Flight. 

             *** Entering a date does not guarantee a pilot will be available.***

Our O’Flight Coordinator will attempt to align you with an available pilot who will then contact you directly.
             Cadets: DO NOT assume you will fly on the date requested until you are contacted by your pilot.

              Remember — You must be in a proper uniform and have a CAPID card.

Colorado Springs Cadets — If you are unable to gain access to Peterson AFB please let us know in request form so we can arrange to pick you up at the Colorado Jet Center.

NEW -- from NHQ: 

Due to budget issues, only cadets who have either NEVER flown an O-Ride, or have NOT HAD an O-Ride within the last 24 months, may participate until further notice.

We are sorry for these new limitations and look forward to having the issue resolved so we can get back to flying everyone.  Until then, please do not sign up for a flight unless you meet these criteria.

Click here to request your O'Flight