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Schleicher ASK-21, N221CP, landing at Boulder Airport, CO.



Our Schleicher ASK21, N221CP, is finally repaired and back in service at Boulder Airport.  lt also now carries a SPOT Messenger. Log into Operations for information on SPOT tracking.

YES - We are flying:  Both at Boulder and at Meadow Lake Airport off Highway 24 just east of Colorado Springs - Our newest operating location.  Meadow Lake Airport is just east and south of the town of Falcon.  See the maps on the left panel below and/or call ahead for directions as the glider operation is entered from the south side of the airport and you will need to drive well to the left of the runway to reach the Clubhouse.  The Super Blanik L23 is stationed there and is ready to fly seven days a week depending on Pilot availability.  Next summer should be exciting with all the potential O'rides and training that may be available as the High Flights Soaring Club grows into their new 4000'  turf runway.  As a minimum all CAP pilots who wish to fly the L-23 will have to join High Flights Soaring Club as Associate members - but that is free unless you also intend to fly HF gliders.   

The Soaring Calendar Page does not have valid information on it - so avoid it for now.  As always we are exploring locations and dates to bring more flying throughout Colorado.  We are also continue to build staff to provide more flexibility and opportunities for flying.  We are growing!  

FREMONT County Airport-Canon City:  The Fremont Starfire Cadet Squadron has moved their base of operations onto Fremont County Airport with a double wide trailer.  We are looking at the possibility of setting up an occasional secondary glider operations there.

The Glider Program Manager is reviewing the past years of glider sorties as a determining factor in the distribution of flights throughout the Wing and also using the current O'Ride allocation process to provide a fair allocation of support for the 25 Cadet Squadrons.  Plans are in progress for road trips throughout the state in order to maximize flights and minimize costs.

This page is not login protected and is open to all with the correct URL.  However links that leave this page into other CAP resources will require a login - either Wing or eServices, so just come back here and login for Wing or follow the eServices login directions.  


 NameRoleEmailTelephoneTelephone 2
Bob Lynn, CaptCFI-G, CPE, FRO, Boulder Operations 303 818 2556Louisville
Carl Keil, MajCFI-G, CPE, FRO, RMR POC Gliders 303-250-3601 (Cell)Erie
Dick Eason, LtColCFI-G, FRO 720-684-7323 (CELL)Aurora
Jer/ Eberhard, LtColCFI-G, CPE, PM, 970-231-6325 (Cell)Ft Collins
John NortonCFI-G, CPE, FRO, Meadow Lake Ops 719-338-6029 (CELL)Colorado Springs
Patrick Moylan, LtCol CFIG (719) 646-9742Colo Springs
Glider Documents
0. Colorado Soaring History - where it all started! UnknownYoutube - leaves CAP
1. CAPP 52-7: Cadet Orientation Flight Syllabus 508.45 KBCAPP 52-7 Apr09
2. Orientation Flight Instructions 153.04 KBNew - 2 August 2014 - Must Read
3. Wing Runner Course UnknownSoaring Safety Foundation
4. O-Flight Sign Up Sheet (Download Word File) 50.50 KBMust Submit minimum one day Prior
5. Flight Release Officer / IMSAFE Checklist 22.31 KBFor Release and IMSAFE again before flight
6. Map to Boulder Municipal Airport - 4 Pages 414.10 KB 
7. ASK-21 Flying the ASK-21 - TSA Spirals - Jun'07 253.17 KB 
8. O-Flights - Fact Sheet for Parents 119.88 KB 
9. CAPM-60-1G Glider Program Procedures Manual UnknownOur Bible - 11 Sep 2014
91. Other Information and Resources Below Unknown 
CAPF-5 CAP Check Ride Evaluation Form - Apr 2014 UnknownUpdated - Apr 2014
CAPF-5 Documentation to Upload 348.68 KB 
CAPF-5G - Glider In-Flight Evaluation Guide (Additional) 75.01 KB 
CAPF-5Q Glider Questionnaire - Apr 2014 UnknownUpdated - Apr 2014
CAPF-99 - Flight Release Log & Mission Types 133.66 KB19 Nov 2013
CAPR 60-1 Current Mission Symbols - Nov 2013 101.98 KBGlider Missions Highlighted
CAPR 60-1 Flight Management - 3 May 2014 UnknownWith Chg 1, 19 Dec 2014
CAPR 60-1 RMR Waivers 2014 for Non-paved Airport Operations 119.49 KBJanuary 8, 2014
Colorado Airports - CDOT 2013-2014 Unknown14 MBs
CU Football TFR Impacts BDU (Must Read) 1.13 MBCurrent Info - Except Schedule
Ground Handling Annual Requirement Directive Unknown 
Ground Handling Video - Login to eServices then return here Unknown 
Group 1 - O-Flight Coordinators 21.00 KB 
Meadow Lake Glider Operations Procedures - Interim 1.26 MBMandatory Reading for KFLY
Orientation Flight Procedures 15.21 KB 
POH - ASK-21 Flight Manual 6.40 MBN221CP specific
POH - L23 - Super Blanik Flight Manual 6.34 MBN438BA specific
POH - SGS-2-33 Flight Manual 3.06 MB 
POH - Wt & Bal - L23-ASK21-2-33 32.75 KB 
Required Pilot Ops Quals Paperwork UnknownCAP required Docs on eServices
RMRF_60e_ver_1.3.pdf - CAP Pilot Application 369.79 KB 
Tow Pilot Log Sheet 181.32 KBFor Recording Tow Sorties !
z ASK-21 QuestionaireCarl Keil64.00 KB 
z Blanik L23 QuestionaireCarl Keil64.00 KB 
z SGS 2-33 QuestionaireCarl Keil64.50 KB