Aerospace Education
Put Civil Air Patrol to Work Inside Your Classrooms

ae5If you’re an educator, Civil Air Patrol has programs to help you teach ordinary subjects in an extraordinary way, no matter what grade you teach!

CAP has a special Aerospace Education Membership program just for teachers. With CAP’s free curricula and classroom materials, you can introduce the wonders of space and aviation into many different subject areas. Our hands-on exercises and national standards-based materials and textbooks will hold the interest of your hard-to-motivate students, and take your achievers to even higher levels.

ae4Each year, CAP sponsors the nation’s premier aerospace education conference. CAP also supports more than 100 aerospace education workshops throughout the nation, which are listed in the bi-monthly CAP AE newsletter, along with news, teaching tips, teacher profiles and the latest in available grants. Teachers who consistently use aerospace education in their classrooms are eligible to receive national awards for excellence in the field.


infoteacher3As a teacher, you can also benefit from CAP by introducing your older students to the CAP cadet program. This multi-step training gives young men and women a chance to do meaningful volunteer work while developing valuable leadership and technical skills, physical fitness, personal responsibility and moral values. Cadets also have a chance to learn about aviation and space, as well as military history and customs. CAP cadet training can help your students become more disciplined and motivated to excel.