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We Want You As a New Recruit!
Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Civil Air Patrol!  We are the official auxiliary of the United States Air Force.  We serve our community and nation in many different and exciting ways.  Whether your interest lies in Search and Rescue (in the air or on the ground), or just community service, we have a place and a job for you.  We are all volunteers.  There is no enlistment and one can leave at any time.  

The Pueblo Eagles Composite Squadron is assigned to Group 3 of the Colorado Wing.  Squadron 179 serves both young people ages 12-18, as well as adult (often called "senior members") age 18 and up.  As a composite squadron, we focus on all three of the Civil Air Patrol missions:  Cadet Programs, Emergency Services, and Aerospace Education.   

If you are between the ages of 12 and 18 and are interested in becoming a cadet in our squadron, make sure you have reviewed the materials on the Cadet Programs Page with your parents.  Then follow the instructions in the module below!

Prospective senior members or cadet sponsor members should visit our Senior Members Flight, and review the information on how to join at the bottom of this page. 

Civil Air Patrol is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization which is chartered by the U.S. Congress.  Therefore, your membership dues, uniform purchases, and expenses while serving in the Civil Air Patrol may be deductible on your taxes (always consult your professional tax adviser on any possible deductions).

Welcome to the Home of the Eagles!  We hope you will join us as fellow citizens serving our community and nation.

Squadron Recruiting Officer

How to Join the Eagles! (Cadet Members)

1.         Future cadet members are required to attend three squadron meetings to observe and ask questions prior to submitting an application.
2.        Have your mom or dad help you fill out CAP Form 15 (Application for Cadet Membership). 
·         You should fill the application out, make two extra copies, and sign all three copies.
·           The "charter number" on the top of the form should read "RMR-CO-179".
·           Make sure you read the oath and sign the form, and have a parent or guardian sign also.
·           Be sure to fill out the medical information on the second page.  If you answer "yes" to any of the medical questions, this page will also need to be signed by your physician with an evaluation of your current medical condition.
3.        At the next meeting, present your copies of the completed application to Lieutenant Brown or Lieutenant Thorn, along with two checks.
·         $38 made out to National Headquarters CAP (this covers your National and Colorado Wing dues for the next year).
·         $20 made out to CAP Pueblo Eagles Composite Squadron (this covers squadron dues for the year).
4.        We will retain one copy of your application for our records.  Mail the original copy along with your $38 check to:  NHQ CAP/LMMR, 105 S. Hansell St., Maxwell AFB, AL  36112-6332.
5.        Once your application is accepted by National Headquarters, they will mail a membership card to your home address and your name will be electronically added to our squadron roster.  Once you receive your membership card, make sure it is in your possession at all CAP functions -- it is a required part of your uniform and allows you to participate in our activities!
6.        You will also receive a new member kit which includes your study materials for Phase I and II of the cadet program, approximately 4 to 6 weeks after your membership is processed.  Click here to see what your new member kit will contain!
7.        Once you have your CAPID (on your membership card), you will be able to order your free "blues" uniform.  Click here for instructions on how to order your uniform.  This uniform is property of the Air Force and the Civil Air Patrol, and must be returned to the squadron if you do not choose to renew your membership after the first year.
Join the Eagles as a Senior Member!
1.        Attend a squadron meeting, observe, and ask lots of questions!
2.        Ask the squadron commander or any senior member for an F.B.I. fingerprint card and a membership application (you can also download the application, see hyperlink in item 4 below or Word version at right.)
3.        Obtain your fingerprints on the fingerprint card.  See Major Gould or Senior Member Riddock to see if the fingerprint kit is available, and we can print you at no cost.  You can also take the card to the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office, 909 Court Street in Pueblo (between 8th and 10th Streets).  Do not fill in any portion of the fingerprint card.  The cost for fingerprints is $10.00.  You will be required to show a drivers' license or government-issued photo I.D.  Fingerprinting is done only on Mondays through Thursdays between 10:00 a.m. and noon.  You can also go to the Pueblo Police Department on main street any day between 8:00 a.m and 4:30 p.m. The cost is $20.00.  Also, you may be able to get your fingerprints taken during a squadron meeting.  Check with the unit personnel officer for more details.
4.        Fill out CAPF 12 (unless you are a chaplain, legislative member, aerospace education or cadet sponsor member).  Make two extra copies.  The charter number for our squadron is "RMR-CO-179."  Be sure to read the membership oath prior to signing CAPF12, and sign all three copies in the appropriate areas.  A witness is required for the signature of the oath on the reverse side of CAPF12.
5.        Have the squadron commander sign your CAPF12.  He will retain two copies of your application to forward to higher headquarters, and give you back the original copy with the fingerprint card.
6.        Mail your original application, the fingerprint card, and a check for $72 payable to National Headquarters Civil Air Patrol, to NHQ CAP, ATTN: Membership Services, 105 S. Hansell St., Maxwell AFB, AL  36112-6332.  The $72 fee includes your national and Colorado Wing dues for your first year of membership, as well as a fee for your initial membership materials.
7.        Give the squadron commander or finance officer a check for $20 for your first-year squadron dues.
8.        Once CAPNHQ approves your application, your fingerprint card will be forwarded to the F.B.I. for a background check, and you will be issued a temporary membership card with a CAPID, which will permit you to particpate in squadron activites on a limited basis.  You will not be permitted to work with cadet members while in temporary status, but you may begin working on your Level I training (including the cadet protection online test and the operational security training).
9.        Once your background check is completed you will receive your permanent identification card.
10.     Within four to six weeks of receiving your temporary ID card, you should receive your new member kit.  Click here for an example of what your kit may contain.
11.     You will need to equip yourself with the basic member uniform.  The Air Force style uniform may only be worn by senior members who meet established weight/height and grooming standards.  Talk to any senior member for details.  The optional polo shirt uniform is a very good start, as all adult member may wear it and it is the quickest and easiest way to get "into Uniform."  See the uniform page for more details.
Contact Squadron Recruiting Officers
Captain Shad Brown
Recruiting Officer                  
(719) 250-0887
CAP Membership Regulations
Civil Air Patrol MembershipCAPR39-2 as amended 2 AUG 2012
EthicsCAPR 1-1 15 MAR 2012
Assignment and Duty StatusCAPR 35-1, 5 JAN 2012
Membership TerminationCAPR 35-3, 10 JUL 12
CAP Officer and NCO Appointments and PromotionsCAPR 35-5, 16 MAR 2010
Recruiting and Retention Specialty TrackCAPP226 26 MAY 2005
Earn your Recruiter Ribbon!
  Cadets!  Did you know you can earn the Cadet Recruiter Ribbon by getting two other members (cadet or senior) to join Civil Air Patrol?  Make sure the new members list your name on their application form, and notify your first sergeant or flight sergeant that you need help in requesting this award!  You will also be able to add a bronze device to this ribbon for each additional two members you recruit!

Seniors!  You can earn the Senior Recruiter Ribbon by signing up seven cadet or senior members!  Make sure the new members list your name on their application form, and then visit the squadron personnel officer or squadron recruiting officer for assistance in requesting this ribbon on CAPF2A.  You can add a bronze device to this ribbon for each additional seven members you recruit!