Who we are

The Colorado Wing (COWG) of the Civil Air Patrol operates in the Rocky Mountain Region. COWG is comprised of 35 squadrons in three groups across Colorado.

Squadrons of the Colorado Wing regularly participate in search-and-rescue training exercises. The COWG squadrons stand ready to assist those in need. Missions range from search-and-rescue of lost hikers or hunters, location of downed aircraft and transport of emergency personnel or medical materials. When there is a disaster in a Colorado community, the State's CAP squadrons respond by transporting doctors, firefighters or emergency personnel to the areas in need.

There are three types of squadrons:

Cadet squadrons are comprised primarily of cadets, with a minimum of three senior members (adults) for supervisory, administrative, and training requirements.

Composite squadrons are made up of both cadets and senior members, conducting both cadet and senior programs.

Senior squadrons are made up exclusively of senior members who are all over the age of 18. There are currently almost 1000 Seniors and more than 1050 Cadets in the Colorado Wing.

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