Encampment Basic Cadet Pre-Registration Form

2019 Colorado Wing Cadet Encampment

Basic Cadet Pre-registration for First Time Encampment Attendees

This form is NOT an encampment application! You MUST also complete the paper application packet for basic cadets.

This pre-registration form is used to collect contact and other general information from those cadets who are interested in attending the 2019 COWG Encampment.


To apply for encampment, Basic Cadets must complete and submit the paper application packet that is available on this website. If you have recently joined CAP as a new cadet and your membership has not processed, do not complete this form until you have a CAPID Number.

If you DO NOT have a CAPID Number, exit this form by clicking HERE!

If you experience problems when clicking the SUBMIT button, (for example - nothing happens when you click SUBMIT, check below each form field for a red error message. Correct any errors and then click SUBMIT again. Don't forget to enter the correct "code" in the box above the SUBMIT button. The code is case sensitive! Response times on this form are VERY SLOW! Be  patient. Due to a problem with this software, it may be necessary to enter the security code several times. Keep trying until you get the "Thank You" message. It may be necessary to scroll the page up to view the "Thank You".
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