2019 CESSnA Cadet Staff Selection Process

The 2019 Colorado Wing Encampment Cadet Staff Selection Activity (CESSnA) is scheduled for Saturday, 16 March 2019. This will be a one-day ONLY activity. In the event some interested cadets may not be able to attend CESSnA on that date, an alternate interview process will be available. However, due to the competitive nature of the selection process, attendance at the activity will significantly increase chances of selection to encampment cadet staff.

CESSnA Activity Location: Colorado Department of Military and Veteran Affairs, 6848 South Revere Parkway, Centennial, CO 80112. (Location is east of I-25 approximately 2 blocks south of Arapahoe Road on South Revere Parkway)

CESSnA Date/Time: Saturday, 16 March 2019. Arrive by 0730 for sign-in. This is an all-day activity. Planned completion time is approximately 1700; however, some applicants may be done sooner. Bring cell phone to coordinate earlier pickup if being dropped off and/or picked up.

CESSnA Uniform: ABUs preferred - BDUs are acceptable if applicant does not have ABUs.

All applicants must complete items 1 through 4, below, before specified deadlines.

1. CESSnA Online Registration: 

To register for CESSnA, you complete the online CESSnA Registration Form no later than 2359 hours on Monday, 11 March. The Online Registration Form is available now. This is only a CESSnA Activity Registration and not the cadet staff encampment application. (See below for Application Process Information) Cadets failing to register for CESSnA by the 11 March deadline will not participate in CESSnA. 

Click HERE to access the Online CESSnA Registration Form. (Be patient - the form loads slowly) 

2. Pre-CESSnA Document Submission and Training Requirements:

In addition to completing the Online CESSnA Registration, applicants must submit certain documents and complete specific online training in CAP eServices. Cadets applying for Health Services staff positions have additional training requirements. Submission deadline for all documents is 2359 hours, Monday, 11 March 2019!

Click HERE to access information about the pre-CESSnA Document Submission and training requirements.

The documents referenced above must be submitted as Email attachments in MS Word or PDF format to Lt Col Mike McNeely, Encampment Commandant of Cadets at cc@cscs.cowg.cap.gov  or mmickman@aol.com . In the body of the submission Email, include your name, grade, home unit and desired 1st choice of staff position.

3. Encampment Application (paper copy) and Encampment Fee Deposit Payment:

All Cadet Staff applicants must also complete the 2019 Cadet Staff Application Packet, obtain all required signatures from parents and squadron commanders, and bring the completed application packet to CESSnA. A deposit check payable to COWG Civil Air Patrol in the amount of $100.00 is also required at the CESSnA activity. Total Cadet Staff Fees for 2019 are $265.00.

Click HERE to access information about Cadet Staff Encampment Paper Application Submission Process and Fee Deposit information:

The cadet staff application packet is now available. 

4. CESSnA Evaluation Process (Study and Prepare):

Preparing For CESSnA - Important Information about the CESSnA Evaluation Process!

This is a very competitive activity! Although attendance at CESSnA is not mandatory for selection, those attending in person stand a better chance of being selected for cadet staff. The alternate interview process does no allow the in-depth evaluation possible at the actual activity.

Click HERE to access a description of the CESSnA Evaluation Process. 

Regardless of the position applied for, all applicants will participate in all parts of the evaluation process.