2019 Colorado Wing Encampment

CESSnA Registration for Cadet Staff Applicants

This form is NOT an encampment application! You MUST also complete the paper application packet for Cadet Staff members and bring it with you to the Cessna Activity along with a check or money order in the amount of $100.00 as an encampment deposit. If you are NOT selected for a cadet staff position, your deposit check will not be cashed. A link to the application packet is available on the encampment homepage.  

Cadet staff applicants who fail to complete this CESSnA Registration prior to the published registration deadline, or who do not complete required training and document submission prior to published deadlines, or fail to bring a completed application packet and deposit payment to Cessna WILL NOT be allowed to participate in Cessna.

CESSnA Date: Saturday, 16 March 2019

Deadline for submission of this registration form: Monday 11 March, at 2359 hours. After that time, this registration form will not be available.

Cadet Staff applicants must have completed a prior encampment as a basic cadet.

If you HAVE NOT attended a previous encampment, you ARE NOT eligible to serve on cadet staff. Exit this form by clicking HERE!

You must make a different staff position choice in EACH of the desired staff position selection boxes, below. If you make only one or two desired staff position selections and are not awarded one of those positions, you are NOT LIKELY  to be offered another staff position!

Cadets should make every effort to attend the CESSnA activity, in person. Cadets using the alternate interview process will be at a disadvantage since the remote interview process limits the selection staff's ability to evaluate demonstrated performance. This is especially true for cadets applying for line staff positions of Squadron Commander, Squadron 1st Sergeant, Flight Commander and Flight Sergeant.


If you experience problems when clicking the SUBMIT button, (for example - nothing happens when you click SUBMIT), check below each form field for a red error message. Correct any errors and then click SUBMIT again. Don't forget to enter the correct "code" in the box above the SUBMIT button. The code is case sensitive! Response times on this form are VERY SLOW! Be  patient. Due to a problem with this software, it may be necessary to enter the code several times. Keep trying until you get the the "Thank You" message. It may be necessary to scroll the page up to view the "Thank You".
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