Basic Cadet Page - Information for First Time Encampment Attendees

This page contains Encampment General Information and information about Encampment Preparation, and Encampment Arrival & Departure Instructions in the various boxes on this page.

2019 Encampment Application Window for Basic Cadets (first time attendees) is now closed. 


Air Force Academy Entry Information/Registration

The US Air Force Academy (USAFA) has strict entry requirements for anyone entering the facility. Colorado Wing Encampment coordinates with USAFA to develop and Entry Access List for anyone desiring access to USAFA to attend encampment, drop-off encampment attendees, pick-up encampment attendees, and to attend the graduation ceremony. Certain persons are required to submit information to be use for this Entry Access list.

 Click HERE to go to the online form used to collect the necessary information

Useful Documents for Basic Cadets

Basic Cadets (first time attendees)

Here are some documents that you should study before coming to encampment. You will be better prepared when you arrive. Click on each document to view it.

Basic SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) When you arrive at encampment, you will be issued a pocket size version of this document. You can use this full size version for study. Particularly important is the memorization portion. However, there a quite a few rules that you must follow at encampment. Those are included as well.

Barracks Standards After arrival at encampment, you will unpack and arrange your dormitory room and make your bunk EXACTLY as show in this document.

Grooming and Appearance in Uniform: This document is taken from CAPM 39-1, CAP Uniform Manual. This provides important information about your appearance and grooming when wearing the uniform. Encampment Staff encourages ALL Basic Cadets to review this important document so that you will know what is and is not allowed when wearing the uniform. This document goes into much more depth of explanations that you may not get at your local squadron. This will keep you from arriving at encampment in violation of CAPM 39-1, CAP Uniform Manual. Some violations could result in dismissal from encampment or not being allowed to in-process.