INSTRUCTIONS For Submitting US Air Force Academy Access Information

DEADLINE: - Sunday, 26 May 2019


In order to gain access to the US Air Force Academy (USAFA) property during the Colorado Wing Cadet Encampment, certain persons must submit information to be included on the USAFA Entry Access List (EAL). Failure to submit the required information will likely result in denied access to USAFA. This is an Air Force requirement - NOT a CAP requirement!

Information must be entered for persons in the following categories:

1. Each individual age 18 and older.

2. Each individual age 16 and older, who is driving a vehicle to encampment.

EXCEPTION: This requirement does not apply to active duty military personnel, reservists, retirees, or dependents holding a Dod ID Card. If you are in this category, STOP! You do not need to supply the requested information and need not read further.

Persons not on the Entry Access List (EAL) or who are not covered by the "EXCEPTION", above, will likely be denied access to USAFA by Security Forces Personnel at USAFA Entry Gates. The information must be entered for all individuals in each entering vehicle. This applies to everyone driving to encampment or in vehicles that are dropping off cadets for encampment, picking up cadets from encampment, or attending the graduation ceremony and parade at the end of encampment.

Because of technical issues with portable devices, DO NOT use smart phones or other portable devices to enter data in the access form. Use a desktop or laptop computer.

To minimize the chance of compromising data, DO NOT USE un-encrypted "coffee shop" or "retail store" type networks when submitting the data.

This form is intuitive. Based on specific criteria, certain information will not be requested if not required for a particular person.


If the system advises that you DO NOT need to submit the form, DO NOT click the SUBMIT button.

DEADLINE: - Sunday, 26 May 2019

Do not close your web browser after submitting the online form until you see the "thank you for submitting..." screen! If you do not see the "thank you for submitting..." screen, you must reload the form and re-enter the necessary information. The "thank you" message may take some time to appear. You may need to scroll to the top of the page to see the message. Be patient!

You may enter data for another person by clicking the link, below, to reload the online form.

Enter information in the online access information form by clicking


Please be patient - the online form may load very slowly!

Warning: The information you are receiving is protected from interception or disclosure. Any person who intentionally intercepts or illegally uses, distributes, reproduces or discloses its contents is subject to the penalties set forth in 18 United States Code Section 2511 and/or related state and federal laws of the United States.