Colorado Wing Squadrons

The Colorado Wing is a member of the Rocky Mountain CAP Region and is broken into geographically defined Groups. Each Group is comprised of several local units or "Squadrons" as shown below.  Click on one of the Info links to locate a unit near you.

Group 1 Front Range North

More Info

Group 2 Western Colorado More Info
Group 3 Front Range South More Info
Group 4 Greater Denver Area More Info

map_iconIf you are looking for a map, please try this Unit Locator which may be of additional assistance in locating the unit closest to you.


There are also School Squadrons (More Info) found throughout the state.

Squadrons are categorized depending on their membership makeup:

Senior members are officers and members over 18 years of age.
Cadets are members ages 12 - 18.

  • Senior Squadrons - Senior members only.
  • Cadet Squadrons - Cadet members with Senior member leadership.
  • Composite Squadrons - Both Senior and Cadet members.