2016 Encampment Senior Staff
Encampment Commander               Lt Col                  Buddy McCormick
Deputy Commander Lt Col Don Bolles
Special Advisor to Commander 

Chief of Staff Lt Col Andrew Rajca
Safety Officer Capt Tammy        Peeples
Commandant of Cadets Lt Col Mike McNeely
Curriculum & Plans Officer Lt Col Don Bolles
Encampment Chaplain Chaplain
Standards/Evaluation Officer Capt Ryan  Lord
USAFA Activities Project Officer
Bruce Pennington
IT Officer  Lt Col Tom Eggers
Admin Officer Lt Col Rick Oakes
Finance Officer Lt Col Rick Oakes
Asst Admin Officer  TFO Ashley Shuler
Public Affairs Officer  Lt Col Gene  Munson
Health Services Officer Capt  Mike Fournier
Health Services Officer 1Lt Steve Denning
Transportation Officer

Logistics Officer  Major Michelle  Compton
Chief TAC Officer Lt Col  Zoe Falls
TAC Officer Capt Alex Nuckols
TAC Officer Capt  Danny Cochran
TAC Officer 1Lt Mike Thornsley
TAC Officer 1Lt Chris Peck
TAC Officer Major Ammon Hoover
TAC Officer

TAC Officer      
TAC Officer
TAC Officer   
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