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COWG Organization

The Colorado Wing is a member of the Rocky Mountain CAP Region and is broken into geographically defined Groups.
Each Group is comprised of several local units or "Squadrons".
Squadrons are categorized depending on their membership makeup:

Senior members are officers and members over 18 years of age.
Cadets are members ages 12 - 18.

  • Senior Squadrons - Senior members only.

  • Cadet Squadrons - Cadet members with Senior member leadership.

  • Composite Squadrons - Both Senior and Cadet members.

  • There are also School Squadrons (More Info) found throughout the state.


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COWG Units by Group (page links at left)
Unit Name Unit # Type Ext. Web site Social Media Links
Colorado Legislative 999 Legislative
Group 1 - Front Range North 167 Group
     Boulder Composite 72 Composite
     Brighton Cadet* 803 School
     Broomfield Composite 99 Composite
     Greeley Composite 21 Composite
     Jefferson CountySenior 136 Senior
     North Valley Composite 68 Composite
     Thompson Valley Composite 147 Composite Link*Off-site content
     Vance Brand Cadet 22 Cadet
Group 2 - Western Slope 169 Group
     Cortez Senior 139 Senior
     Delta County Cadet 85 Cadet
     Eagle County Composite 53 Composite
     Heart of the Rockies Composite 160 Composite
     Mesa Verde Cadet 189 Cadet
     Montrose Composite 141 Composite
     Steamboat Springs Composite 181 Composite
     Thunder Mountain Composite 15 Composite Facebook
Group 3 - Front Range South 165 Group
     Air Academy Cadet 159 Cadet Link*Off-site content Facebook
     Banning Lewis Ranch Cadet 190 Cadet
     Colorado Military Academy* 805 School Link*Off-site content
     Colorado Springs Cadet 30 Cadet
     Douglas Cadet 157 Cadet
     Freemont Starfire Cadet 98 Cadet Link*Off-site content
     Parker Cadet 173 Cadet Link* Off-site content Facebook
     Pikes Peak Senior 80 Senior Facebook
     Pueblo Eagles Composite 179 Composite Link*Off-site content
Group 4 - Greater Denver Area 164 Group
     Black Sheep Senior 162 Senior Link*Off-site content Facebook
     Dakota Ridge Composite 186 Composite
     Evergreen Composite 188 Composite
     Foothills Cadet 31 Cadet Link*Off-site content
     Highlander Composite 163 Composite Facebook
     Mile High Cadet 143 Cadet
     Mustang Cadet 148 Cadet Link*Off-site content
     Valkyrie Cadet 183 Cadet Link*Off-site content
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