Air Academy Composite Squadron
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Cadet Encampments

Encampment is a fantastic opportunity for new cadets to learn about teamwork, leadership, aerospace, emergency services and military customs and courtesies. Attending Encampment is required to earn the Billy Mitchell Award and cadets may return to encampment as staff. Encampments are one of the most popular and worthwhile activities available to cadets. They challenge cadets to develop self-discipline and teamwork while broadening their understanding of aerospace. Most encampments are conducted on a military installation. We highly recommend cadets attend encampment as soon as they can.

For more information, go to the Colorado Wing Encampment website or the CAP Encampments website for details on encampments in other states.

National Cadet Special Activities

National Cadet Special Activities (NCSAs) are designed to give cadets direct hands-on experience with various aspects of the Civil Air Patrol program and provide meaningful insight into several aviation-related careers. There are approximately 30 different special activities a cadet may attend, and each activity is approximately a week long. The variety of NCSAs offered by CAP gives cadets a diverse experience. Activities focus on career exploration, leadership development, search and rescue skills, aeronautical training, Air Force familiarization, government and a variety of other topics.

Applications are completed online through the cadet’s eService account:

1. Locate the Special Activities Application:  
Go to E-Services and click the “Registration And Payment System” link on  the left hand side of the screen.  As you follow the instructions for entering your request, you will also get to
check (and correct if necessary) your address, contact information, and personal characteristics that National Headquarters (NHQ) has on file.

Applications are accepted for summer activities from 
1 December - 15 January.

Applications are accepted for winter activities from 
15 September - 15 October

The computer process takes member data and puts it in the forms where appropriate so it's important that your data is accurate. 

Emergency contact information. 
The process will not work without this. 
Clearly indicate your preferences, in order, in the Preferences tab of the application. 

When applying for IACE: list IACE last on  your preference list. 

2. When you have completed, reviewed and printed (save as a PDF file on your computer) your application, it will automatically be transmitted to NHQ electronically.

Payment is due after selection, generally in March or early April. Cadets should apply to more than one activity to increase the chances of selection. Applying to an activity does not commit a cadet to attend - cadets may decline the offer if they are selected but cannot attend.

For a list of activities, go to the National Cadet Special Activities website. Information on costs, locations, attendance requirements and the selection process can also be found there.

Hawk Mountain Ranger Training School

Hawk Mountain Ranger Training School has a proud history of providing outstanding search & rescue (SAR) and emergency services training. The school is conducted in the mountains of Pennsylvania under mission field conditions and is very physically demanding. Curriculum includes (but not limited to): navigation, search techniques and equipment, communication skills, woodsmanship, campsite selection and equipment, first aid, patient evacuation, specialized equipment, health and nutrition, and survival skills. In addition to the practical skills, leadership and character development are also emphasized. SAR, survival and leadership skills are taught and experienced entirely in the field.

For an application and additional information, go to the Hawk Mountain Ranger Training School website.

Colorado Wing Ground Search and Rescue School

For more information, go to the Colorado Wing Ground Search and Rescue (GSAR) School website. This website is updated as new information becomes available.