Air Academy Composite Squadron
U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado
Not for self, but for all.
CAP HQ Policies
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CAP Mishap Reporting  2/28/2012493.50 KBDownload
Squadron Policies
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Participation for AdvancementMichael Fay 6/17/201338.61 KBDownload
Promotion Requiremets Deadlines for CadetsMichael Fay 7/6/2015211.59 KBDownload
Safety Reporting ProcedureAaron Tindill 10/19/2016115.45 KBDownload
Squadron Awards PolicyAaron Tindill 1/8/2014124.32 KBDownload
Squadron DuesMichael Fay 5/8/2013179.35 KBDownload
Uniform PolicyMichael Fay 5/12/2016850.74 KBDownload
Verification of Achievement DataAaron Tindill 1/8/2014105.68 KBDownload
Other Forms and Documents
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15 Pax Lesson Plan LP.DOCMichael FayCAP Van Training11/4/2013147.00 KBDownload
15 PAX Van Safety Guide.pdfMichael FayCAP Van Training11/4/20132.24 MBDownload
15_PAX_ROLLOVER_NHTSA_FLYER[1].pdfMichael FayCAP Van Training11/4/201365.41 KBDownload
AACS Meeting Locations  4/1/2012702.15 KBDownload
Activity Request FormAaron Tindill 6/26/2013179.31 KBDownload
Cadet Membership Application  5/17/2012UnknownDownload
CAPF 161 Emergency Contact DataAaron Tindill 9/5/201621.96 KBDownload
CAPF 50-1 Phase 1 Review FormAaron Tindill 9/5/201659.00 KBDownload
CAPF 50-2 Phase 2 Review FormAaron Tindill 9/5/201663.00 KBDownload
CAPF 50-3 Phase 3 Review FormAaron Tindill 9/5/201672.50 KBDownload
CAPF 50-4 Phase 4 Review FormAaron Tindill 9/5/201672.50 KBDownload
CAPF 73Michael Fay 9/25/2013UnknownDownload
COWGF 18Michael Fay 9/25/2013UnknownDownload
GOV-15PAX training_a.pptMichael FayCAP Van Training11/4/20131.71 MBDownload
Operational Risk Management formAaron Tindill 6/26/2013247.72 KBDownload
Senior Membership Application  5/17/2012UnknownDownload