Squadron History

Squadron Meetings

Welcome to Civil Air Patrol and Banning Lewis Ranch Cadet Squadron! Our squadron meetings are conducted every Monday from 1800 to 2030 (6:00 pm to 8:30 pm). All cadets should make every effort to attend these meetings.

The current meeting schedule can be viewed HERE.

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Squadron Patch

Squadron Patch History

The Meadowlake Mule is originally based off of the patch of the 131st Bomb wing, featuring Banjo J. Burro.

The Meadowlake Mule is depicted upon the rocky mountains which represent the Colorado CAP wing. He is holding binoculars representing Civil Air Patrol's assistance when it comes to emergency services. Our mule is also holding a bomb, this a vitally important to not only paying tribute to the original Banjo, but also in paying tribute to the original members and purpose of CAP which resulted in the sinking of German Submarines during WW2. Along with the binoculars, the mule is wearing a backpack to signify Civil Air Patrol's significance in ground team efforts. The mule's headphones also represent CAP's radio communication during flights and ground team operations.

Our cadets wear this patch on their right breast pocket on their ABU/BDU uniform, centered and neatly sewn on.