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ed obrien with the future of airborne photography

Ladies and Gentlemen;
Below are recaps of new 40 and 46 megapixel cameras. These units were
unveiled at CES in January 2012.
These cameras are currently priced at $9-30,000.00 each.

Don't have a heart attack. Nikon has a 36MP camera shipping next month
at $3,000.00

Don't have another heart attack. Canon is supposed to have a 40-46 MP
within a year at about the same or lower price.

The reason to bring these cameras to your attention is to queue you to
the bright future of AP. In other words - within 18-24 months
we should see 40-46 megapixel cameras for around $1000.00 or less.

This will make pictures at 5,000 ft. agl look like a 1000 ft agl
picture at 12-15 MP. This is a game changer. With this more powerful
1. Hit the quarter-grid and take a few (4-6) photos.
2. Analyze and interpret on scene on a computer screen while loitering
high above and on station/scene/search area.
3. Take a few more resolving shots and fly off another grid... or fly
4. Quarter grid search time? A few minutes. Certainly less than 12
minutes. Saving about 1/2 the time for 1 plane - 1 crew - 1 quarter
5. Fly higher. Fly faster. Be safer. Stay in communications due to
flying at higher altitudes. Prosecute better missions by doing less
photography with quicker analysis.
6. Welcome to the future of airborne photography circa 4th quarter
2013 to first quarter 2014.

Airborne Photography will become more efficient, more effective, and
more productive very soon. In the not too distant future (3-5 years)
we will
routinely see facial characteristics, clothing, and action that will
redefine what we do and not just how we do it. There should be no
change in what we do until
the time these new 40 plus Megapixel cameras come into common use.
However, there are changes for the better coming and rather quickly.

Airborne Photographers - Even with these new cameras coming online
soon. Practice! Practice!! Practice!!!

With regards; ED OBRIEN Capt. CAP