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I am a not a pilot

All new members are required to complete the Level 1 training within the first month after receiving their CAP ID Card.  Level 1 training gives the new member an idea of what is expected of him/her as a member of CAP.
     a.   Level 1 consists of some on-line training which include 6 modules of the Fundamentals Course.  The six module include:
          1.  History & Organization
          2.  Policies
          3.  Uniforms
          4.  Customs & Courtesies
          5.  Core Values
          6.  Leadership.
     b.   Also required is Cadet Protection Program Training (CPPT).  Even though we are a Senior Squadron our activities include cadets from time to time especially during Search and Rescue Missions.
     c.   The last segment is the Operations Security Course (OPSEC).  This is a mandatory course due to our activities with homeland defense.  We may be required to receive classified information to complete our missions.


There are many essential positions in various specialties that will provide training and exposure in a variety of areas.  Black Sheep Senior Squadron is made up of staff positions, much the same as an active military unit.  The staff consists of positions such as administration, logistics, public affairs, communications, emergency services, chaplain, professional development, finance, information technology, and many others - there is something for everyone! You can discuss these options with our professional development officer.  If you are interested in flying and participating in our emergency services activities, you may want to train as a scanner or observer.  The scanner and observer are integral parts of a mission air crew.