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I am a Pilot

1.  All new members are required to complete the Level 1 training within the first month after receiving their CAP ID Card.  Level 1 training gives the new member an idea of what is expected of him/her as a member of CAP.
     a.   Level 1 consists of some on-line training which include 6 modules of the Fundamentals Course.  The six module include:
          1.  History & Organization
          2.  Policies
          3.  Uniforms
          4.  Customs & Courtesies
          5.  Core Values
          6.  Leadership.
     b.   Also required is Cadet Protecion Program Training (CPPT).  Even though we are a Senior Squadron our activities include cadets from time to time especially during Search and Rescue Missions.
     c.   The last segment is the Operations Security Course (OPSEC).  This is a mandatory course due to our activities with homeland defense.  We may be required to receive classified information to complete our missions.

2.  To fly one of our aircraft, we have two, you need to be checked out by a CAP Check Pilot.  We have two in the squadron, Lt Col Bob Beabout and Captain Robert Johnson.  Once checked out, you can use our aircraft for proficiency flying.  We also have a couple of Instructor Pilots that will fly with you and get you ready for the check ride.  As mentioned we have two aircraft, N-9846A a normally aspirated C-182 and N-6271N a Turbo T-182.  In the near future, we expect to replace one of these aircraft with a glass cockpit turbo Cessna G-1000.  

3.  If you are interested in becoming a mission pilot, you must first attend a scanner training course which the squadron presents a number of times each year.  You may wonder why this is necessary.  The main reason is that the purpose of every sortie on a search and rescue mission is to provide a platform for the scanner.  A mission aircrew usually consist of the pilot in command, in the left seat, who drives the airplane, the observer who sits in the right seat to operate the radios and the GPS, and the scanner in the back seat who seaches for the target. The pilot flies the assigned grid while the scanner searches the terrain.  Once you have completed the scanner training, you will get with one of the check pilots to get a mission pilot checkout.  There are a couple of other pilot assignments that you may be qualified for as you progress in the squadron.  They are Transport Mission Pilot and Cadet Orientation Pilot. Progress in the squadron usually means attendance at meetings and participation in the wing activities.

4.  Once Level 1 is complete and there is a definate show of interest in squadron participation, a pilot may be assigned an initial promotion in rank based on his/her qulifications.   A member with a private pilots license is eligible for an initial promotion to 2Lt.  A member with an instrument or commercial license is eligible for an initial promotion to 1Lt..  A member with a CFI, CFII, or ATP license is eligible for an initial promotion to Captain.