CSCS Events
Open the calendar popup.
How to Enroll for an Event
To enroll in an activity do the following:
1) Log into the CSCS website.
                a) Go to:
                b) If you are not already logged in, click the "Login" page on the left hand side under "Site Navigation"
                c) If this is your first time logging into the site, enter your CAPID and click “forgot password”
                d) If you have logged in before, enter you CAPID, password and the Security Code. Click ‘remember login” if you do not wish to have to enter your password again.
2) Once logged in, select "Colorado Springs Cadet Squadron" from the "Site Navigation"
3) Select "CSCS Calendar" under that

4) Select the event you will be attending either on the "CSCS Calendar" or on the "CSCS Events List" below it.

5) Select the “Enroll for this Event?” link, then click ok on the pop up that occurs.
6) If you wish to change your enrollment you will need to use your chain of command. 

Calendar Date Issue Solution
When you go to the website to view the calendar, often the date may appear to be incorrect. It needs to be fixed in this manner:

1. Click on Login (upper right corner)
2. Enter your user ID and password
3. Click on your name (upper right corner)
4. Click on Manage Profile
5. Select the time zone MOUNTAIN TIME (even if it's already set) AGAIN
6. Click on Update

That will fix the display problem.