Wolfpack Visitor Information
We meet every Tuesday evening from 1830 (6:30 PM) to 2100 (9:00 PM) in Building 350, Room 2025 on Peterson AFB. We welcome visitors to our squadron, but because we meet on Peterson AFB, if you do not have access to the base we must make arrangements to sponsor you on base. This process may take up to 10 business days for us to coordinate with base security. Contact 1st Lt Bill Romano via email commandready@aol.com or (719) 487-9021 or SM Keith White via email kwhite217@yahoo.com or (317) 629-2432 for specific instructions regarding your visit. If you do not contact 1st Lt Bill Romano or MSgt Keith White you will not be allowed access to the base for security reasons. When visiting Peterson AFB please ensure you have picture ID for each person, current vehicle registration and proof of insurance. 

If you have access to Peterson AFB, contact 1st Lt Bill Romano via email commandready@aol.com or by phone at (719) 487-9021 or SM Keith White via email kwhite217@yahoo.com or by phone at (317) 629-2432 . 

Directions to Bldg. 350:

After entering through the West Gate, turn right at the second light on Peterson Blvd. Proceed toward the flight line. Turn left at the 3rd street (Dover St), then into the large Bldg. 350 parking lot on your right.  Enter through the main doors.  Once inside go upstairs and turn left, our office is in Room 2025.

Click here for a Google Map to Bldg. 350 (21st Force Support Squadron)
Gaining Access to Peterson AFB

Once you become a member of CAP, if you do not have a DoD ID card, you will need to get a Peterson AFB Access Pass. For the Cadet - Peterson AFB Access Pass Request form click here. For the Senior Officer - Peterson AFB Access Pass Request form click here. Give completed form to 1st Lt Bill Romano or SM Keith White  for processing and further instructions on how to obtain your annual pass. 

Recruiting Information - Cadet Welcome Packet
 TitleCategory Description
Cadet Application Checklist.pdf DownloadA checklist to guide new cadets in everything they need to accomplish to become a member of CAP.
Cadet Transfer Checklist.pdf DownloadA checklist for cadets who wish to transfer into our squadron.
Peterson AFB Access Policy and Forms DownloadCSCS Policy Letter 08-02: Peterson AFB Access
Parents Guide.pdfADownloadCAP National Headquarters publication that explains the cadet program to parents of prospective cadets.
Cadet Welcome LetterADownloadWelcome letter from the commander to prospective cadets and parents.
CAP Fact SheetADownloadCAP Fact Sheet
CSCS Web page instructionsADownloadCSCS Web page instructions
CSCS Cadet DemographicsADownloadA summary of the CSCS Cadet demographics.
Costs to join CAP and our squadronADownloadThis document describes the costs to join CAP and our squadron
CAPF 15.pdfADownloadCadet Application for membership in CAP
Cadet Physical Fitness Wavier Request.pdfADownloadIf a cadet has a temporary or permanent medical condition, they will need to complete this form and have it signed by a physician to be exempt from part or all of our physical fitness program.
CAPF 161.pdfADownloadCAP Emergency Notification Data Form - June 2013
Peterson AFB Access Request Form - Cadet - 2016ADownloadCadets use this form to request Peterson AFB Access once you become a CAP member.
The Complete Uniform List for CadetsBDownloadA list of all Cadet uniform items with uniform sources.
Cadet Super ChartBDownloadThis chart summarizes all the promotion requirements for CAP cadets from Cadet Airman to Cadet Colonel. (prints best on 8.5 X 14 legal paper or larger)
Cadet Active Participation Requirements for PromotionBDownloadColorado Springs Cadet Squadron Active Participation Requirements for Promotion
New Cadet GuideBDownloadThis guide is a good summary of things you will need to know during your first year as a CAP cadet.
Scholarships for CadetsBDownloadA summary of scholarships opportunities available for CAP cadets
Cyber Patriot BDownloadCyber Patriot is a cyber defense competition for high school students, including CAP cadets. It’s a program for cadets interested in computer science, especially network security and hacking.
Investing in America's YouthCDownloadThis pamphlet summarizes how Civil Air Patrol transforms American youth who rise to the challenges of cadet membership in CAP, the U.S. Air Force Auxiliary.
Respect on DisplayCDownloadHow and why CAP practices Air Force-style customs and courtesies
FAQ for ParentsCDownloadFrequently Asked Questions about CAP for Parents
National Cadet Special ActivitiesCDownloadNational Cadet Special Activities
Civil Air Patrol Uniform Manual: CAPM 39-1CDownloadThis manual describes the various Civil Air Patrol (CAP) uniform items and how they will be worn.
Cadet-Female Blues Uniform GuideCDownloadA pictorial guide that shows how to wear the Cadet Female AF-Style Blues Uniform.
Cadet-Male Blues Uniform GuideCDownloadA pictorial guide that shows how to wear the Cadet Male AF-Style Blues Uniform.
Membership Dues MatrixCDownloadThis matrix shows the membership and renewal dues structure for each CAP wing. Colorado Springs Cadet Squadron local dues are $15.00.
  Colorado Springs Cadet Squadron Recruiting Contacts
 NameRoleEmailTelephoneTelephone 2
1st Lt Bill RomanoRecruiting Officer (719) 487-9021 
C/SrAmn Adel PachecoRecruiting NCIOC (719)453-5324 
SM Keith WhiteRecruiting Officer (317) 629-2432  

Contact CSCS
Recruiting Information - Senior Member Welcome Packet
 TitleModified DateSize Description
Cadet Sponsor Application Checklist.pdf1/22/2013121.63 KBDownloadA checklist for senior members that wish to be cadet sponsors. This is limited to parents, grandparents and guardians of current cadets.
CAPF 12.doc10/25/2011140.00 KBDownloadA word version so you can type in information.
CAPF 12.pdf10/25/2011126.73 KBDownloadApplication for Senior Membership in CAP
CAPF60.doc3/6/2009215.00 KBDownloadA Word version so you can type in information
CAPF60.pdf3/6/200994.31 KBDownloadCAP Emergency Notification Data Form
Local Fingerprinting sources8/30/200935.00 KBDownloadA list of local fingerprinting sources. Fingerprints are required to be submitted with your Senior Member application. CAP provides the fingerprint cards.
Membership Dues Matrix10/21/2010UnknownDownloadThis matrix shows the membership and renewal dues structure for each CAP wing. Colorado Springs Cadet Squadron local dues are $15.00.
Peterson AFB Access - Seniors - 20166/11/201619.25 KBDownload 
Peterson AFB Access Policy and Forms2/3/2013301.81 KBDownloadCSCS Policy Letter 08-02: Peterson AFB Access
Senior Application Checklist.pdf1/22/2013152.48 KBDownloadAn application checklist for prospective senior members that shows them everything they need to do to become a member of the squadron.
Senior Great Start Booklet.pdf4/16/20091.24 MBDownloadNational Headquarters publication that shows prospective senior members what CAP has to offer.
Senior Member Aerospace Education Application Checklist.pdf1/22/2013147.81 KBDownloadA checklist for members that which to join as an Aerospace Education Member.
Senior Member Patron Application Checklist.pdf1/22/2013190.80 KBDownloadA checklist for Senior Members who which to be a patron member.
Senior Member Transfer Checklist.pdf1/22/2013147.33 KBDownloadA checklist for senior members who wish to transfer into our squadron.
Senior Welcome Letter.pdf1/22/2013131.00 KBDownloadWelcome letter from the commander for prospective senior members.