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The Dakota Ridge Composite Squadron is a squadron that has proudly served the Littleton and surrounding area since 2000. The squadron is composed of approximately 20 cadets and senior members who play critical roles in CAP's missions of Cadet Programs, Aerospace Education, and Emergency Services. To provide for an effective squadron, the members of Dakota Ridge are led by three squadron values:

  1. Learn- leadership, professionalism, and aerospace
  2. Serve- the community, state, and nation
  3. Lead- yourself and others

During the typical meeting cadets and seniors alike are able to enter the meeting with enthusiasm for the adventure scheduled, for example an aerospace night. On our aerospace night the squadron might start with the routine opening formation, but quickly a hands on aerospace activity planned will be set up like building a hovercraft the cadets can fit on! This activity not only provides thrill but teaches the cadets physics and engineering, as a result opening the door to 21st century technology. 


Additionally the ability to serve is provided with missions like emergency services. On the weekend both senior members and cadets might help out with an exercise with a senior member who has just flown in a small plane only months before now in charge of spotting for missing aircraft. With the skills now in hand they might be called upon to answer the call for an aircraft missing; serving their community. 


Both cadets and seniors will be see challenge and adventure in CAP, but also a rewarding feeling from the service they experience. To join there is little to no experience required in our missions, any prospective member is highly encouraged to see our visitor page.