Customs and Courtesies

• Always make salute look sharp and professional
• Junior in rank salutes first
• Always return salute unless physically unable because right hand is not free
• Salute any commissioned and warrant officer in any branch
• Do not salute person of same rank
• Always render verbal greeting when saluting
If group of individuals are approached by senior, one person calls the
rest to attention and each person salutes
• If group is walking, all salute
• If in formation (i.e. Flights) person in charge calls the formation to attention and person in charge salutes
• If in work detail, person in charge of detail salutes

How to Salute
• Always keep right hand free
• Raise right hand so that tip of forefinger touches lower part of
headgear just to right of right eye
–If not wearing headgear, then forefinger should just touch right
eyebrow or rim of eyeglasses
• Arm, shoulder and elbow should be parallel to ground
• Should be at attention and face person saluting
• Do not lower salute until senior officer lowers theirs

When to Salute
• Salute when senior ranked officer is 6-12 paces away
• When in uniform outdoors, salute seniors
• Do not salute if you are in civilian and officer is in uniform; just
render verbal greeting
• Do not salute if both are in civilian clothes
• Salute during awards ceremonies if presenter’s rank is equal to or
superior to yours

Reporting Procedures
• Knock, and when told to enter square all corners to within two
paces of desk, come to attention, and salute
• If told to report then you say "Sir (Ma’am) Cadet (last name) reports as ordered."
• If reporting on your own say "Sir (Ma’am), Cadet (last name) reports to ask a question or reports to make a statement."
• When finished ask, "Will that be all, Sir (Ma’am)?" Once answered stand, salute, render verbal greeting, take a step back, salute again; when returned, "about-face" and exit.
–If told that will be all or you are dismissed, just render verbal
greeting, take a step back, salute; when returned, "about-face" and exit.

Air Force Song/National Anthem/Flag
• When Air Force song or National Anthem comes on you come to attention and salute if in uniform, or put hand over heart if indoors or in civilian clothes
• When flag is being raised or lowered stand at attention and salute if in uniform, or put hand over heart if in civilian clothes

Calling Room
• When an officer walks in room, first person to see them should call the room to attention
• If there is an officer already in the room who outranks the one
walking in, then room is not to be called