Drill & Ceremonies

Primary Reference:
AFMAN 36-2203, Air Force Drill & Ceremonies  4.42mb

Optional Resources:

AFJROTC Drill & Ceremonies Instructor Guide
Chapters 1-4:  Introduction to drill, commands & the command voice, individual instruction, drill of the flight  3.37mb
Chapters 5-7:  Drill of the squadron, group & wing formations, ceremonies, answer key  4.17mb

AFJROTC Drill & Ceremonies Student Workbook
Complete workbook  1.72mb

AFJROTC Drill & Ceremonies Slides
Introduction to Drill   1.04mb
Drill of the Flight  2.74mb
Drill of the Squadron  2.30mb
Group & Wing Formations  1.03mb
Ceremonies  2.15mb
Honor Guards
CAPP 52-8, CAP Unit Honor Guard Program  2.08mb
Air Force Flag Folding Script 2007 Update  15Kb

National Cadet Competition Teams
See the NCC home page

*** Special thanks to HQ AFJROTC for sharing their materials with us. ***