Moral Leadership
Cadet character developmentCivil Air Patrol encourages youth to live the timeless Core Values of Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence, and Respect. CAP develops character in its cadets through formal values education and informal mentoring as ethical dilemmas arise in cadets' lives.

CAPP 265-2
"FLIGHT TIME: Values for Living" July 2006 edition
- July 2004 edition

OVERVIEW. This pamphlet provides lesson plans and student handouts for use with the moral leadership element of the CAP Cadet Program, which is defined in CAPR 52-16, Cadet Program Management

NEW FEATURES.  Some of the features new to this edition include:

--  Discussion questions designed specifically for younger, middle, and older youth that achieve an appropriate level of learning for each age group;

--  Case studies that help dramatize ethical concepts and dilemmas;

  Lesson plans that are more structured and comprehensive;

  An annotated lesson plan that illustrates “how-to” conduct the lessons;

  A formative lesson to introduce new cadets to the CAP Core Values and the moral leadership program in general;

  An attractive, easy to follow layout that separates the instructor’s lesson plans from the students’ handouts.

RATIONALE.  CAP periodically revises CAPP 265-2, updating it with fresh lesson plans. In this edition, lesson plans are organized as case studies. The educational benefits of the case study method are discussed on page five of the text. 


CAPP 50-2, "CAP Core Values"

CAPP 52-6, "Mentoring"

"Making Core Values Make Sense" by Bobbie Tourville