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Emergency Services
Graphic CAP ES Technician
Emergency Services is one of the three-prop programs of Civil Air Patrol.  The purpose of Emergency Services or ES is to train cadet and senior members to support missions like Search and Rescue, Homeland Security, and Disaster Relief.  Dakota Ridge Composite Squadron currently has half of its members holding a rating in General Emergency Services (GES).  This allows them to train in areas such as Ground Team Member or Leader, mission base duties like Mission Radio Operator or Mission Support Assistant, or flying roles like Scanner or Observer.

Search and Rescue of lost people or aircraft involves the cooperation and coordination of both aircrews and ground teams to perform grid searches to locate, for instance, an overdue and perhaps downed aircraft missing in the rough Colorado mountain terrain.  Finding someone alive in time to get them back to safety in Colorado's unpredictable weather is very gratifying.  Being able to provide the peace of mind of what happened to a loved one, even if the outcome isn't always positive, can also be a part of Civil Air Patrol's mission.

What age can a cadet be to train in Emergency Services?  Cadets can be 12 or above to train as ground teams, however, they must be 18 to perform aircrew duties. Dakota Ridge is proud to have 4 members who participated in the Colorado Wing Ground Search and Rescue school and currently make up the Dakota Ridge Composite Squadron Ground Search and Rescue Team.