General Information

As citizens serving the community, being a senior member can give one a sense of contribution and reward. Although it might be assumed that one must hold a background like a pilots licence or be an education, that is far from the truth; we welcome senior members of any background professionally. Then while a member we will attempt to fit your passions with the needs of the squadron based on your skill set. For example if you have a background in finance we might ask for your help as a finance officer, but you will still have the opportunity to pursue your interests like flying as aircrew for search and rescue. 

In addition to just being a senior member we also have alternatives for specialized roles, if your a parent for example but only have the time to help supervise activities there is the free cadet sponsorship program. Additionally for educators who wish to bring more aerospace into the classroom there is the Aerospace Education Member program. 

To join as a senior member, prospective members are encouraged to visit the squadron. While there our team will ensure you meet some basic membership requirements, see what your interests are, and show you around the squadron. Once a member is ready they submit a paper application, check for membership fee, and fingerprint card to CAP national headquarters. While there the application will be reviewed and a background check conducted for youth protection reasons. After it has been approved new senior members will receive guidance for a successful start in Civil Air Patrol.


Types of Senior Membership

Senior Member

General membership that holds various roles in CAP related to mission and support roles. Examples include helping cadets as a leadership officer or being in-charge of membership records as a personnel officer. Members in this category are also entitled to a number of benefits including being part of CAP's professional development program and obtaining rank for performance or previous professional experience in certain cases. 

Cadet Sponsor 

 A cadet sponsor is a parent or guardian of a cadet interested in helping out the squadron, but does not have the ability to commit to general membership. While a cadet sponsor they might help as being an additional adult on a squadron activity or assist with meeting functions. 

Membership as a cadet sponsor is free

Aerospace Education Member

The Aerospace Education Member (AEM) program is a tool that allows educators to join at a reduced rate and utilize the various benefits of CAP in their classroom. As a AEM members can use tools like the free STEM kit program to use hands on activities like building a robot or flying a simulator. 

Membership as an AEM is open to any educator or student.