Cadet Program
Douglas Cadet Squadron
Cadet Program

Squadron Goals for Spring/Winter 2012: (January - December)
First off the squadron is doing great! We will continue growing, participating, leading and learning!
A Cadet Commander Change of Command is scheduled for  Dec 2012. (C/CCs are given 12 Month terms to influence change & see results.)
 Here are the goals to be reached by December 2012:
Ø      Recruit and train 10 new cadets. 7 cadets joined in Jan-Feb alone with even more visitors!
Ø      Retain 85% of current and new cadet members in 2012.
Ø      Active cadet membership of 32 cadets by June of 2012.
    -Meet goal of 10 new cadets
    -Meet goal of retaining 85% of current members.
Ø      Assign a senior ranking cadet member to mentor every current cadet.
    -On the spot informal mentoring is best
    -Ensure that every member is learning and progressing
Ø      Complete CAP’s AEX program for second year.
Ø      Grow and Train squadron color guard to compete 2013
Ø      Conduct a squadron and Venturing Crew activity
  •      Participate actively in group and wing cadet activities.
  •    Participate in Castle Rock Parade with unit and color guard
  •   Continue supporting the VFW efforts
  •  Cadet Staff’s Goals
Ø      Be well organized and proficient in planning ahead for meetings and activities
Ø      Be actively involved in teaching and mentoring the cadets we lead.
Ø      Lead cadets in reaching all of the squadron’s goals.
Ø      Continue creating an environment that is supportive to cadets learning and progressing through CAP.
  • Ø      Cadets should:
  • Participate in Cadet Program and ES activities
  • Participate in O-rides and Glider flights
  • Continue Recruiting friends and fellow Boy Scouts
  • Show enthusiasm to learn and grow
  • Have fun while maintaining customs and courtesies