Cadet Program Information
Douglas Cadet Squadron
Cadet Program

What is the Cadet Program?
We have an active and rapidly growing Cadet Program for young adults, both male and female, between the ages of 12 and 18. (Cadets who join before their 19th birthday have the option of remaining in the Cadet Program until turning 21 or changing to an adult senior member.) Our program focuses upon leadership training, aerospace education, emergency services and the preparation of our youth for leadership roles in our society.

You can also learn more about Cadet Programs on the Civil Air Patrol's homepage and there are also links to information for Students and Parents.

An important part of our Cadet Program is leadership training. You will have the opportunity to promote in rank and to learn how to be a leader! Our program is designed to be run by Cadets, with support from the Senior Members.

The Service Academies recognize the leadership skills our Cadet members can learn. Did you know that 10% of Service Academy Cadets and Midshipmen were members of the Civil Air Patrol?


The Civil Air Patrol also offers opportunities for Cadet members to learn to fly in Civil Air Patrol gliders and airplanes. Did you know that you can fly a glider solo at age 14 and get your glider pilot license at age 16? Imagine that, you can fly a glider before you even get a driver's license! Several of our Cadet members have attended summertime flight encampments and some have even soloed!

All Cadet members under the age of 18 are entitled to 10 orientation flights in Civil Air Patrol airplanes and gliders as a benefit of membership!  There are 5 flights in each and progress the cadets through the first few hours of flight training by teaching basic skills.

Emergency Services
Cadet members can participate in Search & Rescue missions as Ground Team Members. We offer training to help you get qualified as a Ground Team Member.

Aerospace Education
One of our missions is to provide Aerospace Education both to our members and to the community. We learn about aerospace education through classes and fun activities.

Exciting Activities
The Cadet Program offers incredible opportunities, including leadership development, summer activities, flight training, search & rescue training, academic scholarships, and much more! Colorado conducts a week long encampment each year at the US Air Force Academy to train cadets in the basics of the cadet program in a military environment.