ECS Cadets' Area - General Information

Welcome to the ECS Cadets Page. Here, Evergreen cadets will find guidance on uniforms, promotions, encampments, activities, and much more information that will help you through the cadet program. In the "Useful Documents For Cadets" box below, you will find documents relating to different parts of the cadet program. I consider some of these to be required reading for each cadet in the squadron. The "required reading" documents are marked with "***". These documents will answer many of your questions concerning attendance policy, uniform wear, promotions, testing, orientation flights, and other topics of interest.  If you have ideas about other things need to be included here, make your suggestions to the cadet staff through the chain of command for consideration. This page is here to provide information that you, the ECS cadets, want and need.

For you new cadets that haven't received your manuals yet, look below for Chapter One of the Leadership Manual. You can use this for learning the Cadet Oath and to prepare for the Curry exam.  The documents below only have the first and second chapter, but you should have your regular manuals soon. There is also a study guide for the Curry Exam.  The study guide will not get you throught the test, but is excellent as a review after studying Chapter One of the Leadership Manual.

Check back regularly for updates.....

Daryll Keeling, Captain, CAP
Evergreen Composite Squadron




Cadet "Learn to Lead" Program, Online Testing, Manuals

The recently implemented cadet "Learn to Lead" program is now available. All cadets joining CAP after 1 July 2010 will receive the new Learn to Lead program Leadership Manuals and Aerospace Manuals and will complete testing online. Cadets joining CAP before 1 July 2010 have the option of continuing to complete achievements under the previous Leadership manuals and by completing written testing OR may switch to the new Learn to Lead program, using the new Leadership Manuals and online testing online. Cadets electing to switch to online testing must access and/or download the new Learn to Lead leadership manuals. The online testing cannot be used with the old manuals. In addition, the Learn to Lead curriculum includes a Drill & Ceremonies Practical Test (drill test) for ALL achievements. At this time the Learn to Lead program leadership tests are available for through the Billy Mitchell Milestone Award. The Learn to Lead program for Phase 3 and Phase 4 cadets will be implemented later.

The new "Learn to Lead" leadership manuals, cadet drill guide, and drill tests may be accessed below.  The "Learn to Lead" Volume 1 and Volume 2 are large files and may take some time to open on your computer. I suggest that you download these to your computer for ease of use. The individual chapters from these volumes are also available. Click on the desired item in the list below.

Learn to Lead - Volume 1 (for Phase 1 cadets)
     Chapter 1 - Air Force Traditions
     Chapter 2 - The Cadet & The Team
     Chapter 3 - The Art and The Science

Learn to Lead - Volume 2 (for Phase 2 cadets)
     Chapter 4 - The NCO & The Team
     Chapter 5 - Brainpower For Leadership
     Chapter 6 - The Human Element
     Chapter 7 - Schools of Thought
     Chapter 8 - Effective Communication

Learn to Lead - Cadet Drill Guide

Learn to Lead - Cadet Drill Tests (see note below)

NOTE: These drill tests apply ONLY to those cadets taking the online Learn to Lead tests.

For online testing instructions and some "helpful hints" about online testing, look in the box below

The Civil Air Patrol Cadet Oath

"I pledge that I will serve faithfully in the Civil Air Patrol cadet program, and that I will attend meetings regularly, participate actively in unit activities, obey my officers, wear my uniform properly, and  advance my education and training rapidly to prepare myself to be of service to my community, state and nation."

- The Civil Air Patrol Motto -

"Semper Vigilans"

The CAP Motto, “Semper Vigilans - Always Vigilant” reflects the ever-ready status of Civil Air Patrol. It means every member, cadet and senior, must be prepared to respond effectively to any situation.