Emergency Services Announcements

We are restarting the Emergency Services program at Evergreen. Our goal is to be able to field a ground or UDF and support a small base.

To develop Evergreen Composite Squadron's Emergency Services capabilities to provide 1 Ground Team, 2 Urban Direction Finding (UDF) Teams, 2 Ground Photographers, 1 Radio Relay Team, and some Incident Base support staff. The goal is to provide all of these as unique teams, however, that would require 13 to 15 qualified members. These break down as follows:

3 - 5 Ground Team Members (GTM)
1 Ground Team Leader (GTL)
4 UDF Team members (UDFM)
2 Mission Radio Operators (MRO)
1 Communications Unit Leader (CUL)
2 Incident base qualified members

Our Restart Briefing takes place on 14 Oct 2013

Sign up for ECS Alerting

Evergreen Composite Squadron is using TexCom for our squadron's alerting and notification service. This is a free service for Public Safety agencies, which CAP qualifies for, except for costs relating to your particular text service. To sign up, you need to do the following:

1. Go to www.texcom.com
2. Click on the "New USer Signup" button on the upper right of the page.
3. Fill in the requested information.
4. Enter "991904" for the "Organization Access Code"
5. Click the "Request Access" button on the bottom center of the page.

You'll receive an email saying your access is pending. Lt Col Rajca or 2d Lt Jerome will approve it and assign you to the proper groups (Cadets, ES, Senior Staff, etc). Once approved, you'll need to log in to TexCom and enter your text device information - (phone number including area code) @ (text service address). There is a link to the various text service addresses based on cell phone carriers. Use the proper one for your service. To get to this screen:

1. After logining in, go to the "My Profile" link.
2. Click on "User Information"
3. Enter your text number information and send yourself a test text.
4. Click on the "Save Information" button

That's it. Any squadron member who is signed up can send text and email messages to any or all squadron members who are signed up.

We do encourage parents to sign up as well.

There is a mobile site that can be accessed from phones and tablets to send messages.