Order CAP Bumper Stickers


ECS is proud to offer CAP bumper stickers to CAP members and supporters. They are a 3-3/4" by 5-3/4" white vinyl oval with red and blue print. These stickers are designed for external mounting on vehicle bumpers or windows and are able to withstand weathering and repeated washings. The bumper stickers are $5.00 each.

The design of these bumper stickers and the use of the CAP Emblem is exclusively approved for our use by Colorado Wing HQ and by CAP National HQ

To order, send a check, payable to Evergreen Composite Squadron, for the total number of bumper stickers desired at $5.00 each and a stamped self addressed business size envelope to the following address:

Evergreen Composite Squadron
PO Box 1117
Evergreen CO 80437

Standard First Class Postage is adequate for shipping up to five (5) bumper stickers. Add additional postage to your self addressed envelope if more than five (5) bumper stickers are desired. Allow approximately two weeks for delivery after you mail in your order.

Our squadron also has approval to sell license plate toppers and we plan to have these available shortly. Keep checking the website for announcements on the availability of the plate toppers.