CAP Senior Member Professional Development Program

The purpose of the CAP Professional Development Program is to help ensure that CAP has "an informed, active senior membership trained in leadership, management, and functional tasks. The CAP Senior Member Professional Development Progran prepares members to serve the unit, their communities, and their nation." (CAPR 50-17)

The Professional Development Program consists of five levels. 

Level I - Orientation 
Level II - Technical Training
Level III - Management

Level IV - Command and Staff 
Level V - Executive

Each level has specific requirements. As you progress through the levels, you gain knowledge and learn leadership skills.  Unlike the cadet program, completing a level does not automatically earn the member a grade promotion, however, each grade has a specific minimum level completion requirement. For example, to be promoted to Captain, in addition to some other requirements, you need to complete Level III. However, you do not promote after completing Level III unless completion of Level III is your only remaining requirement for promotion.

Available Training Opportunities


CAP offers numerous senior member training opportunities. Some directly relate to the Senior Member Professional Development Program. Others, such as emergency services training, develop individual skills that aid CAP in accomplishing its overall mission. All activities supplement and expand upon the formal Professional Development Program and offer members an opportunity to meet other members with mutual interests.

Inland Search and Rescue Course
Flight Clinics
Air Force Rescue Coordination Center CAP Search and Rescue Management Course
State-held FEMA Staff College
Air Force Distance Learning (AU A4/6)
    CAP Officers Course
    AF Squadron Officers School
    AF Air Command & Staff College
    AF Air War College
    Specialized Technical Courses
Regional Emergency Services Training
Various Region Schools (including CAP Region Staff College)
Survival Training (winter and summer)
CAP National Level Schools/Activities (including CAP National Staff College)
Wing & Group Level Activities
    Squadron Leadership School (SLS)
    Corporate Leadership School (CLC)
    Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC)
    Unit Commanders Course (UCC)