New Cadet Tasks and Resources

Tasks for New Cadets

 Create an account in eServices

  • Have a valid email address.
  • Find your CAPID number on your CAPID Card. If you haven't
    received your card yet, call 1-877-227-9142 and
    press "1" for help.
  • Know the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.
  • Visit, click "Click here to register" under FIRST TIME USERS? and follow the on-screen prompts to create and activate your account. 
  • After activating your account, please verify your contact
    information in eServices by clicking "Review/Edit My Info".

eServices is a member services only are and is required
for cadets to take tests, apply for some activities, check
operations qualifications, as well other tools. 

New Cadet Guide for new cadets! Check out info on CAP,
the uniform, how to promote, and More!


Highlander Composite Squadron 
New Cadet Checklist.

 Sign up for Remind
  • What is Remind?
    • It's how we send out weekly meeting reminders, squadron
      notifications, or notifications about important emails.

  • Do I need a smart phone or a data plan?
    • No, you can receive notifications either via text,email
      messages, or push notifications.

  •  How do I sign up?
    • Get Text Notifications: 
      • Text the message @cap-hcs to the number 81010.
        • If you’re having trouble with 81010, try texting
          @cap-hcs to (719) 359-5280.
    • Get Push Notifications (Smart Phone):
      • On your iPhone or Android phone, open your web
        browser and go to
      • Follow the instructions to sign up for Remind. You’ll be
        prompted to download the mobile app.
    • Register via computer (Email or Text):
      • Go to
        • Enter your email address to receive email notifications
        • Enter your phone number to receive text notifications
          • This can be changed later.
 Obtain BDU/ABU and Blues Uniform
  • Wear Black shirt and Blue Jeans until you achieve your Curry
    award, 1st Achievement.
  • Should I purchase ABU's or BDU's?
    • Either is acceptable. ABU's are the new uniform standard
      for CAP,however the BDU's can be worn until June 2021.

  • Uniform items may be purchased through a variety of sources. 
  • Check with squadron 1st to see if there are any available
  • Vanguard
  • Army Surplus or other Military surplus store
    • Buckley or other base Exchange or Base Thrift Store
      • Need Military ID to access base or be on base for
        other official CAP reason.
  • Curry Blues Voucher
    • After a cadet passes Achievement 1 they will receive
      a $100 voucher towards purchasing items for their
      Dress Blues. 
 Look Around

 Read and Test on Chapter 1 in Learn to Lead
  • Read Ch 1, Character & The Air Force Tradition, in
    the Learn to Lead book or via online. 
    • Pay attention to learning objectives and use them to
      quiz yourself.
    • You'll need to pass a 25 question open-book test over
      Ch 1, to qualify for promotion to Cadet Airman. 
  • Login to eServices 
    • Click on Online Learning, then Cadet Online Testing,
      Leadership Tests, leadership Chapter 1 Exam, and
      follow the on-screen prompts. 
    • Need additional assistance?

Cadet Oath

The Cadet Oath "I pledge that I will serve faithfully in the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program and that I will attend meetings
regularly, participate actively in unit activities, obey my officers, wear my uniform properly and advance my education
and training rapidly to prepare myself to be of service to my community, state and nation."

The CAP Core Values 


Integrity First - The willingness to do what is right, even when no one is looking

Volunteer Service - "Selflessness" It's the difference between "giving" and "taking."

Excellence in All We Do - No matter what challenge is facing you, you will give it your best effort.

Respect - Treat others as they would like to be treated

Cadets' Responsibilities
The Cadet Program is designed to instill in cadets a sense of personal responsibility and self-discipline. Cadets - not their parents - are responsible for preparing their uniform, planning ahead to juggle school and other obligations, and signing up for special events.

Additional Links and Resources

Encampment for new cadets

What new cadets need to know about

Online Leadership Course

Contains links to online books and audio
for Volume 1 and the beginning chapters
of Volume 2.

Aerospace Dimensions

Online Aerospace Education textbooks
Login to eServices required.


Promotions & Ribbons

Link to Cadet Super Chart, how to
setup a ribbon rack, and links to
what is needed to promote to each

PT / Fitness Waiver 

Link to PT / Fitness Waiver must be
completed for temporary or indefinite
restrictions from participate in
PT Testing.

 Insignia Flash Cards