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Airwaves Newsletter
Airwaves - Summer 20112.11 MBLt Col John Butler, MANPADS, Headsets, HAATS, Capt Jason Rew, Traffic Pattern Operations, Outdoor Survival & Safety
Airwaves - Mar / Apr 20113.11 MBLaunching into Spring, Operation Flying Lifesaver 2011, Squadron Mini-exercise, Hypoxia
Airwaves - Jan / Feb 20114.03 MBNew Airwaves editor, electromagnetic pulse, photo mission
Airwaves - December 20103.16 MBTribute to Sam Streger, ARCHER, Seasons Greetings
Airwaves - November 20101.28 MBVeterans Day, Thanksgiving, History of the Vietnam War
Airwaves - October 20102.63 MBAmelia Earhart
Airwaves - September 20101.34 MBRMMA Airshow
Airwaves - August 20101.09 MBGuided Training Exercise, Save in Comanche Peaks Wilderness, Former CAP Cadet Capt Fred McFarland, Aircrew Member of the Year Lt Col Dick Sargent, COWG recognized for PR excellence
Airwaves - July 20102.51 MBIndependence Day, tanker accident at Rocky Mountain Metro, Fourth of July in the Old West, National Day of the Cowboy
Airwaves - June 20102.93 MBUSMC rememberance at Marine's Memorial Park in Golden, 2010 Wing Conference, upcoming RMMA Air Show 2010, Building and Flying your own airplane
Airwaves - May 2010 1,013.83 KBOperation Mountain Passage (SAREX), LightHawk, biography of aviator legend Jackie Cochran, alternative aviation fuels part II, awards & promotions
Airwaves - April 20101.26 MBPresentation from "Artful Flying" author Michael Maya Charles, Touch and Go Day at Air Park Elite, Aviation Biofuels (part 2), Awards and Promotions, 1st Lt Paul Luthy becomes commander of Broomfield Composite Squadron
Airwaves - March 20102.61 MBAerospace Education Membership (AEM), biography of 1Lt Michael Linn, Denver TRACON tour, recount of relief efforts in Haiti, awards and promotions, safety briefing on recent mid-air collision, winter aviation weather fundamentals, and upcoming events.
Airwaves - February 20102.94 MBAerospace Education using satellite imagery and "The Otter Project", "Safety First: Practice ORM", aviation biofuels, biography of 1Lt Paul Luthy, cadet protection, and memories from former CAP Jeffco member Bob Hinson.
Airwaves - January 20103.52 MBAerospace Education year in review, Emergency Services highlights, biography Maj Sam Houston, winter safety.
Airwaves - December 20091.19 MBSquadron Christmas Party 2009
Airwaves - November 20092.70 MBRocky Mountain Region Staff College, 1Lt Todd Bachmann's trip to the Kansas Cosmosphere, New CAP Jeffco memeber SM Luc Moens, Subordinate Unit Inspection (SUI) awards, Honoring our founder, Maj Gen John F. Curry, November Awards and Promotions
Airwaves - April 20094.80 MBProfile on Capt Jennifer Kauffman, narrow band conversion, Saturday safety briefs, PAO team profile, Web team profile, in memory of Sparky Imeson
Airwaves - March 20093.06 MBChange of Command; Crop Duster Sam Rogge; Profile on 1Lt Robert Patlovany
Airwaves - Jan/Feb 20091.28 MBUAL1549, Birdstrikes, New Alerting System, Capt. Sy Jenkins
Airwaves - Nov/Dec 20083.63 MBDealing with CAP aircraft out of maintenance, Tony Kern presentation recap
Airwaves - October 20084.12 MBAerospace Education Day recap, Guided SAREX
Airwaves - September 20081.30 MBSR-71 and U-2 pilot Major General Pat Halloran, Lost hiker rescue team.
Airwaves - August 20081.33 MBAerobatics Pilot DJ Molny, House Bill for CAP Volunteers
Airwaves - June/July 20083.19 MBKelly Johnson; Dick Revette; Jeffco Open House
Airwaves - May 20081.71 MBSky 9 Pilot Jimi Negri, Windsor Tornados
Airwaves - April 20085.50 MBFAA Charting Office's Richard Nehr, Profile on John Butler
Airwaves - March 2008431.02 KBGlider Pilot Terry Frazier, Operation White Rabbit
Airwaves - February 20081.22 MBProper wear of CAP Uniforms
Airwaves - January 20081.37 MBEmergency Preparedness; New deputy commander Jennifer Kauffman