Cadet Career Development

Cadets: Information on promotion, the Cadet Program, and Resources to learn about CAP Cadet Activities

1. New Cadets Start Reading Here: Welcome to Raptor Cadet Squadron. After you complete Cadet Basic Orientation Course (CBOC), you will be a regular Cadet in our Squadron. One of your first questions may be: "How do I start advancing through achievements and getting promoted?" The following paragraphs will hopefully give you an outline of how the process works, and what to expect here at Parker Raptor Squadron.

  • First Achievement: Curry Achievement : (After completing this achievement you will be promoted to the rank of Cadet Airmen, and get your first stripe) You will need to take a test on the first chapter in your Leadership Laboratory book, participate actively (we like to see you attend 3 out of 4 meetings per month), pass a Physical Fitness test, attend one of the monthly Moral Leadership fora, and pass your basic drill test (listed in the "Drill Tests" pamplet found here:  Drill Tests).

THEN you need to go to the Senior members in the Admin section and ask them to start initialing off your Promotion worksheet. When you've completed all of your requirements on your promotion worksheet, hand it back to the Admin Section. You'll be promoted at the end of the meeting when we have the next promotion ceremony. Normally we have promotion ceremonies at the last meeting of the month.

Promotion Worksheet: This sheet has a list of the requirements you'll need to complete for an achievement. There is a separate Promotion Worksheet for each achievement. You would be well-advised to request worksheet as soon as you are ready to start working on an achievement (that is working to get promoted to the next rank).

All of our promotion worksheets are now available for download on our "Resources" page. The senior members in the Admin section will provide you a promotion worksheet. Keep this safely in your CAP binder (do not loose, mutilate, soil, or damage this form - it's your guide for promotion and shows you what you have to get done!) As you complete items toward promotion, bring your sheet to the Seniors in the admin section they will record and initial your test scores, your Phys Fitness test, mark you down for attending the Moral Leadership forum, and for participating actively. You will also have to recite the Cadet Oath for one of the Seniors, and they will sign off that requirement as well.

  • Second Achievement: Hap Arnold Achievement (after completing this achievement you will be promoted to the rank of Cadet Airmen First Class, and get your second stripe)
    This achievement is just like the first, except now you have to take two written tests: one on the Leadership Laboratory ("Leadership 2000 and Beyond") Chapter 2, and then a test on one of your Aerospace Education modules. You'll follow the same procedure for completing your promotion worksheet and getting it signed off.
  • Achievement 3 Mary Feik Achievment (and promotion to Senior Airman):
    This achievments works just like achievement 2 (see above).
  • Wright Brothers Award: The first of the Special Awards in the CAP cadet program, signifies completing Phase I of the Cadet Program, and earns you the rank of Staff Sergeant: Congradulations, you're now a Cadet Non Commissioned Officer!
    To complete the Wright Brothers Award, get your promotion worksheet for this award and read it CAREFULLY. There's only one test in this achievement: it's a comprehensive written test (called the "Wright Brothers Comprehensive Achievment Test) covering all three chapters of the Leadership 2000 book you've studied, and a drill test where you have to drill a flight through a series of drill commands (as in You command the flight). Note: This writtend test IS NOT TEST 4! TEST 4 is for Achievement 4 (Technical Sergeant). The other requirements for this achievement are as before: a physical fitness test, and you have to actively participate in the squadron.

2. Phase Two: Achievements 4 - 8 and the Mitchell Award:

This series of achievements will see cadets advance through the NCO ranks, culminating with the Billy Mitchell Award at the end of Phase II and promotion to Cadet Second Lieutenant. Each achievement's requirements are described on the promotion worksheets for the achievement.



3. Required Training on the National CAP Web Sit:

Here is a list of Required Training courses Cadets need to take on the National CAP Web site:

  • New Cadets: While working on your first achievment take these courses:


    1. OPSEC Training: Operational Security Training teaches you how to safeguard information CAP needs to secure during missions. You must complete this training to go on CAP missions, and to log onto CAP web sites (like E-Services).
  • Cadets Over 18:


    1. Cadet Protection Training: Cadet Protection Training trains cadets over 18 to know the definitions and signs of abuse, and to understand CAP's Cadet Protection policies.



4.Further Reading: Cadets should read Civil Air Patrol Regulation (CAPR) 52-16, "Cadet Program Management", available on the CAP Web Site here: CAPR 52-16, Cadet Program Management

This regulation describes the entire Cadet program, how the achievments work, and how cadets are promoted. The most useful part of this regulation is Page 28, which has a chart showing what is required to complete every achievement in the Cadet Program. All cadets should look at this regulation, and read page 28.
(Here it is running in a frame so you can read it directly:)



5. HOT: Useful Link Showing All requirements for Each Achievement: Go to this page on the new National Web site, and click on the achievement you're working on (note that for some officer ranks and Chief Master Sergeant, there are more than one achievement: National CAP Achievement Requirements Page

Here's the New Cadet "Super Chart" that summarizes the requirements for each achievment:(you can zoom with the "+" and "-" buttons on the top toolbar in the window)



6. Physical Fitness Tests and Standards to Pass Them:
Cadets often have a lot of questions about Physical Fitness tests: what is on the test, what do they have to do to pass, and where can they look them up.
Cadets should look at the link above in "5." first, then look at CAP Pamphlet (CAPP) 52-18, "Cadet Physical Fitness Program available at:
CAPR 52-18, Cadet Physical Fitness Program
This pamphlet describes in detail the Cadet Physical Fitness test program, and Attachment 3 on page 32 lists the passing requirements for each achievement. Please note: passing requirements vary by Phase of the Cadet program, and the cadet's age/sex.


7. Frequenty Asked Questions:

  • Question: "I've completed all of my requirements for the achievement I'm working on, but I have to wait 2 months since my last promotion to promote again (due to the time limits in CAPR 52-16. Can I take some of my tests for my next achievement and get them out of my way?"
  • Answer: No. You cannot work on any of the requirements for the next achievement until you've been promoted for the achievement you're working on currently. In other words, you cannot "bank" your written tests or PT tests while you're awaiting promotion and have fulfilled the testing requirements for the promotion your awaiting.
  • Question:"When is the best time to get my promotion form signed off by the admin officer?"
  • Answer: Toward the start of the meeting. Please don't be upset when you bring your promotion form to the admin officer toward the end of the meeting, and he/she tells you you'll have to wait till next week to be promoted. We need at leat 30 minutes to review your records, sign-off your form, and have the promotion items ready for closing ceremonies. You should see the admin section at the start of the meeting.
  • Question:"It's PT testing night, and I can't remember if I took a PT test for the achievement I'm working on. What should I do?"
  • Answer: Take a PT test if you're not sure. If you already have a PT test on record for your current achievement, we'll disregard the last test. If you don't have one, then you'll have one now.
  • Question:"I'm 16 or over. Can I promote faster than the rate of 1 achievement every two months? I'm really motivated."
  • Answer: No, not unless you have met some JROTC requirements. Look in CAPR 52-16, Para 2-3. a. for more details.

8. Study Aids:
The Cadet Wiki Page: Link to Cadet Wiki Page Study Aids has some good study guides if you need an outline to follow when studying for tests. Note: We cannot vouch for the accuracy or currency of these study guides; we reference them as another resource available to you.


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