Commander's Corner

Commander’s Comments:

We’ve had a great year, grown the squadron by 50% over the Mar 13 numbers, and moved the Squadron to a much better meeting location. Our Squadron is growing and excelling, and thanks everyone for their great work, wiliness to contribute to the team and above all their commitment to Cadets. We've got another great year being planned.

Area Reports:

Leadership & Recruiting:  

We’ve requested a glider static display for the Parker Family fun fest (around Jun 2014)

We’re going to look at going to wearing blues twice a month – cadet staff will update the Squadron calendar to reflect the uniform for the meeting

Testing trends:

The Wright Brothers achievement test has remained one of the most frequently failed promotion tests for Phase I and II cadets. Cadets should thoroughly review all 3 chapters of their Leadership books before testing for Staff Sergeant

Cadet Basic Orientation Course:

We’re going to be re-incorporating CBOC as a class and series of lessons for new cadets. The Cadet Leaderships Officer will run the classes during regular meetings. CBOC cadets will continue to stand opening formation with their flights. Capt. Draeger will write the training sheet for tracking cadet progress through CBOC, and ensure each training event is self-contained so CBOC cadets can enter the program at any point and complete it within approx 6 weeks. The syllabus for CBOC will be taken from the Cadet Great Start (CAPP 52-9) lesson plans.

Aerospace Education:  

Aerospace Education Plan of action published and approved by Wing

AEX activity plan included in the Plan of Action

We need to re-establish AE Current events (5 min briefs by Phase III cadets). The Cadet AE Officer will get a schedule together of the Phase III cadets to conduct these at least monthly (Action: Cadet AE officer)

Senior Member Personnel:

Lt Col West briefed Senior Professional Development track assignments (e.g. safety, aerospace education, cadet programs) for the Senior members, and recommended some changes or upgrades for specific members. He'll make the new assignments this month. 

Emergency Services and Communications:  

The squadron needs an efficient unit contact plan (e.g. phone tree) that works for alerting the unit and the ES-qualified cadets (Action: Cadet Commander)

Look for practice unit recall and alerting exercises (Action: ES Officer)

Introductory Communications User Training (ICUT) –qualified unit members: please see Lt. Col Dunn to get a callsign assigned

The ES Officer will be conducting a re-inventory of our VHF radios (Action: ES Officer)

Every cadet should complete the General Emergency Services (GES) training and the on-line test and the IS 100 & IS 200 training so they can print 101 card and begin working on their Ground Team Member (GTM) qualification. (Action: All interested cadets)

Moral Leadership:  

We need a cadet moral leadership office assigned to the cadet staff (Action: Cadet Commander)


New Squadron Promotion Testing Policy: Testing is the first meeting of the month. Cadets will have to attend 3 out of the 4 previous meetings to be eligible to test for promotion. Capt. Draegar will cross-check requests to test against attendance logs before granting permission for cadets to take promotion tests.

The Cadet Leadership Officer and/or the Cadet Recruiting Officer will be conducting the Phase I and Phase II drill tests during Squadron promotion testing (Action: Cadet Leadership Officer)


All Cadets should update their address, e-mail, phone number, and address on CAP E-services at: "". This will require new cadets and cadets new to using E-Services to establish an E-services account (follow the link labeled "First time eServices users click here to activate your account!")

The standard Squadron monthly meeting schedule is as follows:

First Thursday of the month: Character Development, Promotions, Testing 

Second Thursday of the month: Team Building, Physical Fitness

Third Thursday of the month: Aerospace Education, Leadership

Fourth Thursday of the month: Emergency Services, Leadership

Fifth Thursday of the month: Special Activities 


The cadet staff needs to coordinate (brief and then receive verbal/e-mail approval) for planned meeting events from the Squadron Safety Officer or Assistant Safety Officer at least two (2) weeks prior. E-mail coordination is fine, but the OPORD must have sufficient detail for the Safety Officer to to knowingly assess risks and ensure safeguards are in place.