Resource Links

Frequently Used Pubs Hosted on our Squadron Web Server:



Software and Computer Information: Here's some links that will help you to open files we post to our web sites:

  • Microsoft Word Viewer - Microsoft Word: Lets you read ".doc" files, a common text format with some good formatting features. Use "Word Viewer" to see these files.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer - Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer: Lets you see ".PPT" files, a common format for briefings and slides. Most of the Aerspace ecucation files are in Powerpoint format.

  • Sun's Open Office: - A suite of software that lets you do word proccessing, build briefings (like powerpoint), draw pictures, and run spreadsheets. Open Office will let you open all of the common files used by Microsoft Office, but unlike Microsoft Office, it's FREE!

  • - Want to learn how to edit web pages? This site will teach you how. Web pages are really just files written in a language called Hypertext markup language (HTML). This site has tutuorials (lessons) that will step you through how to write files in HTML. If you want to see what HTML looks like, in your web brower above go to the "View" menu and select "source" or Page Source" in the dropdown. You'll then see what your web page really looks like.


CAP Links

  • e-Services - This is where you need to update contact Info, take online exams, renew membership, enter SQTR info, and keep up on the regulations.

  • CAP National Headquarters - Here is where you will find the link to the CAP knowledge base which is where you will find answers to your questions.

  • Cadet Protection Training - CAP Cadet Protection Training: New Senior members and cadets over 18 need to complete this training, print thier certificate, and bring it into the squadron so we can file it in their records:

  • Colorado Wing – This is Colorado Wing website

  • CAP Channel – This is a great source of multimedia about CAP

  • Cadet Stuff - The site is full of information for Cadets: how-to's, pictures, and a great link to the Cadet Stuff Wiki page that has a whole bunch of useful files like the study guides for Cadet Program milestone exams (e.g. the Wright Brothers award exam).

  • CAP Talk – Here is an online community that lets you talk with other CAP members to here what they think and to ask questions.

Uniform Shopping

  • Vanguard – CAP Store for uniforms and all things CAP

  • The Hock Shop – CAP Store for uniforms and all things CAP

Third Party Links: – Great sites with lots of info but they are not an official CAP site they are sites put up by vendors or CAP members