Safety Program Page

(Updated: 28 Feb 14)
(This page is also our Safety Continuity working aid and replaces the continuity binder)

Filing a Mishap Report

Steps in filing a mishap Report:            


  • Gather the information (who, what, where, when, and how bad)
  • Make the phone calls to the chain of command (WIng and Group officers listed on the Colorado Wing page)
  • Squadron commander
  • Group Commander
  • Wing Safety Officer
  • Wing Commander
  • Enter the mishap report into the E-services Safety Management Site - New Mishap Rep

Squadron Safety Day - 7 Mar 14

Here is our Squadron Safety Day Brief showing what we covered: Squadron Safety Day Presentation

Safety Information Update - 12 Sep 13:

A few reminders for our Senior Members:

Members should take the "Fundamentals of Fire Extinguisher Training" online in eServices located here: Fire Extinguisher Training


Anyone who hasn't completed the training on how file a mishap report should complete the training here (log in to e-services in a separate window first so you can see the link): e-services training: how to file a mishap report - If anyone need a quick refresher, both of the training briefs are posted here on our web site:

How to File a Mishap Report Training Part 1

How to File a Mishap Report Training Part 2

As a reminder, we have to file a mishap report in the Safety Management System (SMS) even if there is no damage to anything or if there are no injuries.

New CAP Policy: Seniors should understand their duty to disclose any pre-existing health conditions which might be aggravated by CAP activities, or decline to participate in such activities if they do not wish to disclose

Pilots: FAA and AOPA safety education currency can be completed on the FAA and AOPA websites if their accounts are properly setup, the completion will be automatically updated

Reading CAP's Safety Beacon safety newsletter at a unit meeting does not qualify as safety education - you actually have to complete the monthly training on the CAP safety page

19 Nov 09 Safety Briefing: Aircraft Ground Handling

This briefing shows you how to view the CAP Aircraft Ground Handling video, and how to take the test to get your certificate from the CAP e-services site.

Past Safety Down Day Briefings:


Introduction to Safety Down Day

Operation CAPSafe Briefing

Sentinel Brief

Basic ORM Course

General Safety Briefing: Safety is a Mindset and Resources: Briefing

Orientation Fligtht and Cadet Bodily Injury ORM Brief: Briefing

Both of the above briefings in a document (large file): File

24 Sep 09 Briefing: Bodily Injury Safety Briefing

Brief for all activities at Parker Evangelical Presbyterian Church:

PEPC Evaluation Procedures:

Exit the building through the nearest lighted exit

Assemble on the East (far) side of the parking lot by our shed

Senior member present takes attendence.

Safety Outside PEPC:

Avoid hazards on the ground (uneven ground, ice, snow, slippery horizontal surfaces of any type)

Walk along egde of dark parking lots, not through them

Look both ways before walking out into parking lot

Unplug extension chord for the shed from the supply outlet first

Church Cleanups - (Under Construction) 

Orientation Flights:

CAP Aircraft Ground Handling Video: Required Training for mission pilots and all CAP mambers who regularly handle aircraft on the ground. This is good training before going on an Orientation Flight as the pilot often needs help pushing the aircraft in and out of hangars and parking spots. View the video at this link: CAP Aircraft Ground Handling Video. After viewing the video, please take the test (instructions are on the web page with the video), then print your certificate and bring it to the squadron so we can file it in your records. Heres a brief detailing how to get this done: briefing 

Glider Wingwalker Course: Required training before going on a glider orientation flight. This course trains you in how to perform wingwalker and ground handling duties around gliders, and serves as a safety briefing on hazards and risks around gliders. View the course at this link: SSA Wingwalker Course. At the end of the course (it's a series of HTML pages) there's a link to the final exam. Please take it, print the certificate, and bring it in so we can file it in your records.

Squadron Bivouac 

Lightning Thunderstorm and Flashflood safety - NOAA Handout

Marksmanship Safety Brief

Safety Briefs for Squadron Activities:

Safety Regulations and Resources:

CAP's Safety Newsletter: The Beacon


CAP Safety Training Page: Safety Specialty Track training for Squadron Safety Officers

CAP Operational Risk Management (ORM) Training Page (log into E-services in a separate tab first):