Aerospace Education for Members and Public

Join us in the Wild Blue Yonder!

Aerospace education is one of the three principal missions of the Civil Air Patrol.  Our objective is to educate, inspire, and instill an appreciation for, and an understanding of, aerospace in today's and tomorrow's world.  Civil Air Patrol promotes aerospace education for both its members and the general public.
First Lieutenant Richard Thorn, Aerospace Education Officer
MARS Program

Building a Better Tomorrow, One Student At A Time!

Teachers from K-12 can motivate their students about science, technology, and mathematics with the assistance of the Civil Air Patrol's Making Aerospace Real for Students (M.A.R.S.) program!  By joining the Civil Air Patrol as an Aerospace Education Member, you will receive free programs and products filled with fun and exciting activities that align with national academic content standards.  Your membership fee of $35 opens the door to a world of achievement and education for both you and your students.
Click here to learn more about the MARS program and becoming an aerospace education member. 
Click here for a .pdf file with MARS program details (including an application for aerospace membership). 
Just some of the benefits of the MARS program include:
  • Access to Aerospace Excellence Awards (AEX) program materials, which carry a plaque and certificates for completion, as well as graduate education credit through Adams State College!
  • Civil Air Patrol Volunteer Magazine subscription and Aerospace Education newsletters.
  • Free "Journey of Flight" hardcover textbook.
  • Teacher Orientation Program (TOP) flight in a Civil Air Patrol aircraft.
  • Ability to apply for aerospace education grants.
  • Satellite Tool Kit software.
  • Continuing education and tax benefits.
  • And much, much more!
You can also download an aerospace education member application in the document module to the right, or by clicking here.
If you have questions about this program, please feel free to contact Public Affairs Officer Shad Brown at (719) 250-0887.
Contact Our Aerospace Education Officers
First Lieutenant Richard Thorn
Aerospace Education Officer
(719) 248-0577
AE Regulations and Documents
Aerospace Program SafetyStay safe while doing AE projects!
AE Member Application (PDF)CAPF13 (PDF)
AE Member Application (Word)CAPF13 (read only) MAR 2007
Aerospace Education Officer's HandbookCAPP 15, APR 2005
AE Officer Specialty Track Study GuideCAPP 215 Revised MAR 2010
Earn the Yeager Award!

Here's how Senior Members can earn their Aerospace Education award and wear the General Yeager ribbon.

First, access the aerospace textbook online through eServices.  Look under the AE Downloads tab on the top left side of the page.  Study.  A lot.  It looks deceptively easy, but this is one of the tougher exams you will take in your CAP career!

Once you have studied, access the online test.  (Note: There are two tests available, you only need to pass one of them however!)  If you score a passing grade, your eServices profile will be updated to show that you are now eligible to wear the Yeager ribbon!  Make sure to save a copy of the .pdf Yeager certificate for your files, and print a copy to present to the unit personnel officer for inclusion in your member files.