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Civil Air Patrol Parents

CAP Cadets are the future leaders and responsible citizens of tomorrow!

Thank you for supporting your son or daughter's interest in the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program!  Pueblo Eagles Squadron 179 is a composite squadron, which means that there is both a strong cadet program and a program for adult members.  However, our primary focus is to provide an outstanding cadet experience for your child.  Our senior members are committed to assisting the cadets achieve at their own pace, with a friendly nudge to keep them on task.  The Cadet Program is run by cadet officers and non-commissioned officers with the advice of our squadron commander and the deputy commander for cadets.

All of our members are required to pass an F.B.I. criminal records check.  Any member working with cadets is required to complete a course in child protection issues, and will always be in an approved uniform.  Civil Air Patrol regulations ensure that your cadet will not be alone with any adult member, and that any overnight activity will have at least one male and one female chaperone.  Feel free to contact any of our senior members or talk to them at a squadron meeting to get to know them better!

Civil Air Patrol is the volunteer, nonprofit auxiliary of the United States Air Force.  Our three primary missions are to develop cadets through the cadet program, educate Americans on the importance of aviation and space, and perform life-saving humanitarian missions.  While the Civil Air Patrol requires some time commitment from your son or daughter (two and a half hours per week for our regular squadron meeting, with additional special activities on some weekends, and the ability to participate in summer activities), we recognize that family and education come first.  Cadets will never be penalized for missing a meeting or activity for family reasons or to meet an educational obligation, so long as the cadet notifies the proper squadron personnel before the meeting.

Your cadet will be challenged in five different areas of the cadet program.

    • Leadership -- New cadets will learn to be good "followers", and as they advance in the program, will be given new opportunities to lead.  Advancement requires testing on concepts learned in CAP's leadership textbook (provided free of charge to all cadets).
    • Aerospace Education -- Cadets will learn about the history and the future of aeronautics and aerospace by guest lectures, tours, and testing on these concepts from our aerospace textbook (also provided free of charge).
    • Physical Fitness -- All cadets are required to pass basic physical fitness tests as they advance through the program.  Our program encourages lifelong nutrition and fitness.  Physical fitness tasks are never used as "punishment" or "hazing" in our program; this is prohibited by our regulations.
    • Character Development -- Cadets will discuss ethical and moral situations with each other on a monthly basis in a group environment, guided by one or more of our senior officers.
    • Activities -- Our senior members are constantly looking for opportunities for our cadets to tour military facilities, ride on aircraft, visit aerospace conferences, and engage in other fun activities that put their book knowledge to practical use.

All cadets will have multiple opportunities to participate in orientation flights ("O-flights"), both in powered Cessna aircraft and in gliders.  These flights are completely funded by the Civil Air Patrol with no cost to you or your child.

Membership in the Civil Air Patrol may carry additional benefits as your son or daughter decides on their career path.  Many college and flight school scholarships are available for Civil Air Patrol members only.  Cadets who wish to enlist in the Armed Forces or in the Coast Guard are permitted to enlist at the E-3 grade if they have achieved the Mitchell Award in the Civil Air Patrol.  If your cadet is interested in attending any of the military academies, Civil Air Patrol service is a favorable factor in the admissions process.  Indeed, several academies dedicate slots in the academy or academy prep school to Civil Air Patrol cadets.

What does it cost to join the Pueblo Eagles?  Currently, the annual dues for CAP and the Colorado Wing are $38 per year, with an additional $20 for the local squadron.  This covers the cost of all textbooks, the basic Air Force blue uniform, grade insignia as your cadet is promoted, and costs for most squadron activities.  We encourage new cadets to purchase the "squadron alternate" uniform (ball cap, black T-shirt, and orange T-shirt) for $25 as soon as possible.  BDU uniforms and additional "blue" uniforms may be available at no cost from the squadron -- check with Major Brockman or Major Gould to see what is currently available.  You may wish to assist your cadet in purchasing additional uniform items or accessories.  Check out our Uniforms page for more information on required uniform items, and the best places to obtain them, or review the Parent Uniform Information document at the top right.

We hope your son or daughter enjoys their time with the Pueblo Eagles Composite Squadron.  The important thing for parents to remember is that this is the cadets' program, not ours!  Make your cadet responsible for studying, requesting promotions, and washing and ironing their uniforms.  Your child will get much more from the program if they are invested in it.  However, if at any time you have a concern with any aspect of the program, feel free to approach any senior member with your concern and they will direct you to the correct person to address the problem.

Finally, we encourage and welcome your involvement with our squadron.  Parents are always welcome at our activities -- there are no "secret meetings" in the Civil Air Patrol.  See the information at the right on other ways you can assist your cadet and our squadron!

Captain Joseph Thorn, Squadron Commander

Information for Parents
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How Can I Help The Squadron?

There are many ways for parents to help the cadets in our squadron:

  • Make sure to attend our fourth Thursday meeting every month -- promotion night for your cadets!  Know when your cadet is being promoted and bring your whole family to that meeting!  Nothing instills more pride in a cadet and has them striving for their next achievement like having their insignia pinned on their uniform by mom and dad!
  • Organize a parents' carpool!  Many of our cadets reside in Pueblo West or the north side, and need to travel to the armory for squadron meetings.  Why not take turns bringing three or four cadets, instead of seven or eight families driving to the same place?  Contact Captain Shad Brown at 250-0887 if you are interested in starting or joining a carpool.
  • Establish a parent's committee!  A parent's auxiliary is permitted to engage in fundraising activities that are prohibited to Civil Air Patrol units.  Finding additional sources of funding will help defray uniform and award costs, and provide funds to engage in bigger and better cadet activities, or to pay for equipment to help with the cadets' meetings.
  • Consider joining the Pueblo Eagles as a Cadet Sponsor Member.  A Cadet Sponsor Member can be a parent, grandparent, or guardian of a Civil Air Patrol cadet.  Initial membership costs $25, with renewals at $20 per year.  There are no wing or squadron dues for Cadet Sponsor Members.  A CSM can assist in supervising cadets, transport cadets in conjunction with squadron events, serve as a chaperone at overnight events, and assist in any other cadet activities as permitted by the squadron commander.  You may wear any of the CAP-distinctive uniforms if you like, but you are not required to wear a uniform.  Speak to MAJ Wayne Gould or any senior member if you would like more information about cadet sponsor membership, or you can read more about it in Chapter 5 of Civil Air Patrol Regulation 39-2.
  • Join the Eagles as a full-fledged senior member!  We have many families who have joined together.  It's a great way to spend time with your child or children and watch them grow and flourish.  Visit our recruiting page to learn more about senior membership.

No matter how you choose to help out, all of the members of the Pueblo Eagles Composite Squadron thank you for all that you do!