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This is your squadron resource for all things related to cadet uniforms and senior member uniforms, from Air Force style to CAP-distinctive.

At the right are instructions for cadets to obtain their free Air Force style uniform.

Also to the right are links for all of the sections of the Uniform Manual (the "bible" on uniforms), CAPR39-1.  It is broken into several smaller PDF files for the particular chapters of the manual, so make sure you are looking in the right section.  There are also links to the regulations involving awards and decorations, as well as links to handy online "ribbon checkers" for both cadet and senior members.

Below, you will find clarifications about some common uniform issues.

Additional Squadron Uniform Requirements

All squadron members are required to carry their CAP membership card at any squadron or CAP activity.  If the activity involves emergency services or any activity outside the squadron headquarters, the member must also possess their "101" Card and two completed CAP Form 60 (Emergency Notification Data).

Cadet members are additionally required to bring the following items to any CAP activity:

  • Required equipment dictated by activity (ex. safety vest or backpack)
  • Notebook or notepad
  • Pencil or pen
  • Two five-dollar bills.

The Colorado Wing patch is NOT optional in our squadron for BDUs.  In addition, a squadron emblem should be acquired from the logistics and supply officer and worn on the right pocket of the BDU or Blue BDU uniform.  An M65 field jacket with liner or a plain non-uniform jacket is recommended for the BDU uniform.

Squadron members are required to wear cold weather gear between 1 OCT and 30 APR, which shall consist of any warm jacket (uniform or non-uniform) at a squadron function.  However, members should strive to obtain the appropriate Air Force uniform jacket for Air Force style uniforms, or any approved jacket for the CAP-distinctive uniform.

The squadron alternate uniform consists of a squadron-distinctive T-shirt, orange squadron cap,plain  blue jeans and tennis shoes.  It should be worn until a utility uniform or basic member uniform has been obtained.  See Major Brockman or the cadet supply officer to obtain the squadron cap or T-shirts.  Cadets must wear one of the prescribed CAP uniforms in order to participate in a unit meeting or activity unless otherwise directed by the squadron commander.

No uniform may be worn until all required uniform items are available and ready to wear with the uniform.

While it is the sole responsibility of members to obtain any required uniform and uniform items, the squadron may be able to assist cadets with existing stock of BDU or Air Force "blues" items.  See Major Brockman or Major Gould for details.

Uniform Regulation Clarifications

Because CAPR39-1 was last modified in 2005, it is not always clear exactly what the uniform regulation may require for a certain item.  This is a list of some of the more common issues that can arise, and how you should handle them.

  • Cadet members must always meet the grooming standards required for wear of the Air Force Style Uniform, even if they are instead wearing a CAP Distinctive Uniform due to not meeting a required weight standard.
  • A blue "boonie hat" with proper grade insignia fixed to it may be substituted for any authorized cover when wearing the Blue BDU "when participating in extended outdoor operations and authorized by the activity director."
  • Wing/Region/National patches are no longer worn on Air Force style blue shirts or dark blue outer garments (coats, jackets, etc.)  Wing/Region/National patches are optional on BDUs, flight suits, Blue BDU and utility uniforms (however, squadron operating instructions require wear of both the COWG patch and squadron patch).
  • Cadet enlisted members shall wear grade insignia on both collars or lapels of the Air Force style service coat or light blue shirts.  The CAP cutout is no longer worn (except for Cadet Airman Basic members, who wear CAP cutouts as their grade insignia).
  • A reversed American flag patch shall be worn on the right shoulder of any BDU or Blue BDU outfit or jacket, centered 1/2" below the shoulder seam on the right sleeve.
  • Any patches previously authorized to be worn where the American flag patch is now worn may be worn centered on the lower portion of the left pocket (or corresponding position) on these uniforms.
  • Air Force Gortex parka is authorized for wear by CAP members wearing the BDU uniform.  Cadet and senior member officers will wear the Gortex parka with the ultramarine blue embroidered grade insignia on the front tab of the parka.  Cadet and senior member NCOs wear the device with the embroidered CAP and metal grade insignia on the front tab.
  • Embroidered ultramarine blue grade insignia may be worn on BDU and Blue BDU uniforms by senior member officers.  Metal grade insignia may also be worn on the Blue BDU cap.
  • Black T-shirts may be worn in place of white T-shirts with any CAP distinctive uniform.

This is not a complete list of items addressed by interim change letters.  Members should review the Interim Change Letter for a complete list of uniform item updates and changes.

Obtaining Your Free Blues Uniform
Cadets, Follow this link to National Headquarters' website for a step-by-step guide to obtaining your free Air Force style blues uniform.

Cadet male sizing guide can be found here.
Cadet female sizing guide is located here.
Where Do I Find... .

Almost any CAP-related item:
Vanguard Industries -- the official Civil Air Patrol supplier.  

Air Force style uniform items:
CAP members are authorized (with their membership card) to buy uniform items from the base exchange clothing stores at the Air Force Academy, Peterson Air Force Base, and Fort Carson.  Air Force Academy is the furthest distance but the fewest hassles in getting on-base.  Access to Peterson requires a base access pass -- see Captain Sutton for details.  Unknown what items may be acquired at Fort Carson or what might be required to get on post.

Specific information on these BX stores can be found at AAFES.com.  Civil Air Patrol members are NOT authorized to use the online shopping or catalog service.

Web Belts, Boots, Low Quarter Dress Shoes, BDUs, Blue BDUs, ES Gear
Your best bet for these types of items would be one of the following stores in Colorado Springs:

Gearzoneproducts.com  Best online source for Blue BDUs and patrol caps, excellent quality Propper BDUs at competitive price and shipping, summer or winter weights.  Click name to access website.

Glenn's Army Surplus  114 E. Mill St., Colorado Springs -- Excellent prices on barely-used low quarter shoes, some sizes of combat boots, a few BDUs and Blue BDUs, web belts, and M-65 jackets.  Owner is nice and helpful.

Old Colorado City Surplus  2732 W. Colorado Ave., Colorado Springs -- Best place for broken-in combat boots (all-leather and Gortex!), all sizes, extremely reasonable prices.  Some BDUs and a fabulous selection of ES gear, just about any ALICE pack item you may want!  Web belts and Air Force blue web belts are plentiful here.  Very friendly and helpful proprietor.

Patriot Outfitters  Call for current locations (719) 576-0505, Colorado Springs.  Multiple locations in Colorado Springs, including two on Fort Carson.  Newer gear, and they carry a full line of Blackhawk web and pack gear and Camelbak hydration equipment in addition to new uniforms.  Click on name to access website.