Emergency Services Operations Center

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Civil Air Patrol Emergency Services conducts approximately 90 percent of all inland search and rescue in the United States, as tasked by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center and other agencies.  CAP's missions include both Air Force assigned missions (damage assessment, light transport, communications support, and low-altitude route surveys) and those in support of other state, federal, and local agencies (such as disaster relief, medical materials transport, and assisting in homeland security and anti-drug missions).  CAP ES is credited with saving an average of 80 lives per year -- in fiscal year 2008, 91 lives were saved, with 24 being saved by the Colorado Wing!

Whether you are interested in serving in an air search crew or as part of the Pueblo Eagles' long tradition of outstanding ground teams, the Civil Air Patrol and the Pueblo Eagles Composite Squadron can assist you in training for these important missions.

Emergency Services Officer

Earn Your Insignia!

Earn your Emergency Services patch!

Complete your General ES training, and become qualified in any other emergency services specialty, and you are entitled to wear the Emergency Services patch on your BDU or Blue BDU lower left shirt pocket!  You can wear the "Pluto" patch shown at left, or the T-34 trainer patch.

Ground Team Insignia

Become a qualified GTM3 basic ground team member, and you will be awarded the Ground Team insignia -- a metal version to wear on your "blues" or aviator whites, and a cloth version for your BDU or Blue BDU!


Contact Emergency Services Officers
Captain Shad Brown
Emergency Services Officer
(719) 250-0887
First Aid Video

For a basic first aid orientation, you can check out this free video, courtesy of FirstAidStore.com!